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Genre: Casino
Last Update: September 10, 2013

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Zynga Slingo Latest Cheats, Tricks and Bonuses - 2015

Cheats, Tricks & Tips for Slingo

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Slingo Available Cheats: High Score Energy Speed Cheat The game that combines Slots and Bingo!   Slingo High Score Cheat: This trick needs Cheat Engine (Get th...
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What's New on Slingo

12 August 2014

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28 August 2013

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26 July 2013

Thank you very much for supporting Zynga Slingo! We regret to inform you that Zynga Slingo on Facebook will be shutting down on August 27, 2013. To show our appreciation we would like to offer you a one-time, complimentary bonus package to your existing account on one of our other games; please log into Slingo for further details on participating titles. Play Slingo TODAY! →

26 July 2013

Log in daily to claim your FREE Wheel Spin! Don't miss your chance to win Coins, Energy, or Extra Balls, every day of the week! Play Slingo! →

25 July 2013

Success is sweet in Honeycomb Island! What's your favorite world today? Play Slingo! →

24 July 2013

Power-ups can hide on your Slingo card too! Use a Power-up Vision item to catch a glimpse at the secrets that lay beneath your numbers! Play Slingo Today! →

23 July 2013

Have YOU ever gotten a Quadruple Slingo? Use your Jokers wisely, and with a bit of luck you'll get one too! Play Today! → LIKE this if you've received a Quadruple Slingo!

22 July 2013

Need to protect your points from that pesky devil? Use a Coin-Toss Zapper to avoid gambling your score away! Try one today! Play Slingo! →

21 July 2013

I just love the lush Amazon world! We hope your weekend is full of adventure too, especially when you're playing Slingo! Play Today! →

20 July 2013

Lend your friend a helping hand, and send them a FREE gift today! Help them out with a gift of Energy, Extra Balls, or some Coins! Play Slingo Today! →

19 July 2013

You've gotta love the Super Joker! When you get one on the reel, you can daub ANY number on your card. Choose wisely to increase your score, and get in on some Slingo action TODAY! Play Slingo! →

18 July 2013

The skyline is stunning in the Shanghai world! Gaze in wonder at the glittering metropolis while you play Slingo TODAY! Play Slingo! →

17 July 2013

Feeling lucky? Make it a sure thing! Use a Shamrock and increase your chance to get MULTIPLE Jokers on your next spin! Play Slingo Today! →

16 July 2013

Play Slingo daily to claim your FREE Wheel Spin! Don't miss your chance to win Coins, Energy, or Extra Balls, every day of the week! Play TODAY! →

15 July 2013

If you're looking to maximize your speed bonus, look no further! Use the Slingo Vision power up to automatically highlight ALL matches for your next few spins! Play Slingo Today! →

14 July 2013

Climb to great heights with the Pyramid world! Enjoy stunning scenery and challenging stages in Slingo TODAY! Play Slingo! →

13 July 2013

Don't forget to help your friends with a gift of Coins, Energy, or even an Extra Ball! Give Slingo a spin this weekend! Play Slingo Today! →

12 July 2013

Whether you love them or hate them, a Coin Toss can have a major impact on your game. How many have YOU won today? Play Slingo! → LIKE this if you won a Coin Toss today!

11 July 2013

Don't forget, Power-Ups can hide BENEATH numbers on your card too! Use a Power-Up Vision to find them, or just play until you encounter a pleasant surprise! Play Slingo Today! →

10 July 2013

We hope that your day has been just as a-MAZE-ing as ours! Enjoy a break with a Slingo game or two! Play Slingo! → LIKE & SHARE if you played today!

9 July 2013

Ever seen the Power Shot on your reels? When you receive one of these, click any number in the row and it will match numbers directly above, below, to the left and right of where you click! Choose wisely, and you can daub up to 5 numbers at once! Play Slingo Today! →

8 July 2013

It may not be made out of cheese, but the Moon world is jam-packed with stunning stages for your playing pleasure! Take a trip to your favorite Slingo world today! Which will you choose? Play Slingo Today! →

7 July 2013

Have you sent your fellow Slingo friends a FREE gift today? Lend a helping hand with a gift of Coins, Energy, or even an Extra Ball! Play Today! →

6 July 2013

Whether you want to polish up your Slingo skills, or just have a good time, check out the 1-Day Ticket! Enjoy unlimited energy for 24 hours, and play to your heart's content! Play Slingo TODAY! →

5 July 2013

We're enjoying the fresh air here in the Flying High world! Who knows? I might even pull off a Quadruple Slingo today! Have a great weekend! Play Slingo! → LIKE this if you played Slingo today!

4 July 2013

Looking to earn massive points? Use a Taunt to greatly increase your chance of receiving a Coin Toss for the next few turns! It may be risky, but you can't win if you don't play! Play Slingo Today! →

3 July 2013

Avast me hearties! Have ye conquered the Pirate's Booty world yet? What has your favorite world been this week? Play Slingo! → LIKE this if you played today!

2 July 2013

The Shamrock power-up is always there whan you need it! Use one and GREATLY increase your chances of getting a joker on every reel during your next spin! Whether you're hoping to finish a card or just want an early-game boost, keep a Shamrock ready! Play Slingo! →

1 July 2013

Could this be your lucky day? Remember to log in daily for your FREE Wheel Spin! Win Extra Balls, coins, or even ENERGY! Play Slingo Today! →

30 June 2013

Have you unlocked the Prehistoric world yet? We love looking at dinosaurs, as long as we don't have to live with them! Play Slingo! → LIKE and SHARE if you played Slingo today!

28 June 2013

We're enjoying our Friday in the fragrant Flower world! There's no better way to kick off the weekend. What's your favorite world today? Play Slingo! →

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