Ninja Saga Cheats - Instant Mission, Gold Cheat, TP Cheat and 1 Hit KO on all Boss All in 1

All in 1 Cheats Working 100%. Works on all missions.


Also inlcuded Gold Cheat + Instant Missions for Chunin Exams and Jounin Exams and Instant kill for the new boss Soul General Mutoh. You cannot get ban using this cheat!

Updated New Features:

  • Gold Hack
  • Instant Mission
  • Instant Mission for Chunin Exams
  • Instant Mission for Jounin Exams
  • One hit kill for all boss
  • High weapon drop rate for all the boss
  • 200K & 300K EXP for pet leveling (for level 60 players only)


Tools to use:


Its Easy! Just follow the few steps below:

1. Download the cheat here: NinjaSagaCheats_AllinOne or here NinjaSagaCheats_AllinOne_mirror then extract the zip file to your desktop

Ninja Saga Cheat 

2. Next, Install Fildder and open the program

3. Click "AutoResponder" Tab then click "Enable automatic responses" and "Permit passthrough for unmatched requests" check boxes

4. Drag all the cheat files to the "AutoResponder" (Make sure that everything is checked)

Ninja Saga Cheat 

5. Open your Web Browser and clear your browsers cache

6. Log-in to facebook then go to Ninja Saga App

7. Then Kill all the boss, complete all missions, each and everyday :)


Warning: Wait 20 seconds before taking another mission to avoid detection or server error refresh (Don't worry you will not get banned)

Tips: You can use Gostmouse to repetitively complete a mission until you reach your next level with this you can reach level 60 in 1 day!

Facts: You can level up a level 1 up to 60 with this cheat in 1 day.



Ninja Saga Cheat 

Ninja Saga Cheat 

Ninja Saga Cheat 

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