Ninja Saga World Boss One Hit KO - Cheat Engine

World Boss One Hit KO - Cheat Engine Version

Working 100% and possible permanent cheat. Enjoy killing all world boss everyday just follow the few steps below.

Tools to use:

Cheat Engine
Mozilla Firefox

Follow the Steps:

1.Open Cheat Engine
2.Select plugin-container.exe on Cheat Engine
3.Select 8 bytes
4.Go to Hunting House
5.Select Boss

Blood data guide:

Ginkotsu: 7293
Yanki: 12760
Sesho: 27950
Tengu Fire: 15819
Tengu Wind: 12052
Byakko: 75816
Ape King: 90720
Battle Turtle: 132800
Soul General Mutoh :186000 (New Boss)

6.Scan 186000 (For Soul General Mutoh)
7.Attack Soul General Mutoh
8.Change 186000 to 0
9.Attack Again

Note : You must attack 1st and change value to 0 nxt turn.

*Repeat the steps for each boss

*Fildder version of this cheat

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