CityVille Cheat: Quickly Finish Airport Goals

CityVille Cheat using Temporary Cash

Easy steps to finish london cargo quest (Airport Goals) and make it to 3 stars.


  • Use your other account before trying this trick to your main account.
  • If you have a small amount of cash probably you will loose them but I think worth spending some cash .
  • Works on cruise ships too... if you want to upgrade your city port to level 3 and don't want to wait for ships to come back... same way
  • Work for all residence click on one house and click on ready all housing!

CityVille Cheat - What you need:

  • Charles Web Debugging Proxy App (Get it here)
  • Web Browser (Google Chrome or Firefox)
  1. Open Charles and load Cityville
  2. Enable breakpoints and refresh or reload your game
  3. Click Execute on first Breakpoint 
  4. Second breakpoints appears , go to Edit response / AMF / data /userinfo / player and change the "cash" value to lets say 500
  5. Remove breakpoints ( red hexagon ) and execute
  6. Now we have 500 cash , go to airport and click on a plane , a window appears " INSTANT RETURN"
  7. Now press "instantly ready all planes" for the ammount of cash that asks you. If you have 12 planes, you need to spend 12 cash coins. confirm the ammount
  8. Now that all planes are back unload them all. 
  9. Send them all to london again 
  10. Refresh your game and you are done . It depends how many planes you have for your airport to finish this quest faster... Let say you have 12 planes and made it to 3 
    stars in about 20 - 25 minutes ( if you instantly return your planes more than once you might get an error , sometimes worked sometimes didn't. try it )

* tested and working on: March 03 , 2012

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