CastleVille Bot - Facebook Game Cheats

This CastleVille Bot will automate your task and will help you play better! The Bot is easy to use and absolutely free. 


CastleVille Bot Features:

  1. Coins Cheat & Get +Castle
  2. Enhanced Neighbors v1.0
  3. Crafting Plugin v2.6
  4. Enhanced Kingdom v2.0
  5. Collect houses
  6. Feed animals
  7. Chop trees
  8. Mine rocks
  9. Clear grass, roots, logs
  10. Tend flowers
  11. Fish
  12. Water
  13. Help neighbors
  14. Bot functional based on plugins, and if you want you can create your own plugin.


CastleVille Bot Download Link: CastleVille Bot ver 0.8beta

(File size:  11.12 MB)

This bot is developed by allbots. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK



  • Extract the file into your desktop, Double click the setup and install castleville bot
  • Download Latest Adobe Flash Player 11:
  • You must disable secure browsing (HTTPS)
  • Always Run a castleville bot as administrator and disable the firewall (Right click the castleville bot icon and then select Run as Administrator)
  • If you didnt see the icon in desktop, click start and find the castleville bot icon
  • If you have a Windows 32 bits you must install: Microsoft 2008 C++ Runtime (x86)
  • If you have a Windows 64 bits you must install: Microsoft 2008 C++ Runtime (x64)

The CastleVille Game

Create your Happy Ending! Build your very own Kingdom in a magical land. Banish the Gloom and nasty Beasties while you’re at it.

Need more Neighbors? Join here: CastleVille Add Neighbors Page

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