Galaxy Life Cheats: Instant Kill using Cheat Engine

Lead your Starling colony to victory in the wackiest space strategy game Galaxy Life with this Instant Kill Cheat!

What you need to Cheat the Game:

  • Cheat Engine - Get it here
  • Web browser like Firefox and Google Chrome

Do the Instant Kill Cheat:

  1. Go to Galaxy Life Game
  2. Open Cheat Engine, Click the blinking box ("Select a proccess to open")
  3. Then Select your process (for firefox = plugin-container.exe, if google chrome = 3rd or 4th chrome.exe)
  4. Change the Scan Type to “Double”
  5. Now scan your unit damage
  6. Change only the address with the exact value. For example your tank has 200 damage, change those adresses with value 200 into 1000 or higher!
  7. That's it! your tank now has a higher damage, If you want to attack a low level base, just scan your EXP and change to 0.

Galaxy Life Game Description:

Intriguing planets, weird and wonderful characters; challenge friends and find allies in Galaxy Life! Lead your Starling colony to victory in the wackiest space strategy game yet. Your little guys may be cute and playful, but when it comes down to brass tacks they don’t mess about. Diplomacy is admirable but battles get you the booty!

Game Features

  • Become a master strategist by attacking enemy colonies for loot and control over the galaxy 
  • Defend your colony from the attacks of rivals and even friends
  • Explore the universe by visiting intriguing planets and characters
  • Develop technology and discover awesome items to help you in your quest
  • Collaborate with other colonies to create alliances against the Dark Forces

Well enjoy the Cheat! Happy Gaming!

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