Ninja Saga Complete Talent System Guide

Ninja Saga Talent Reference

All the information needed to choose the right Talents can be found here.


Acquiring & Requirements


Each character may obtain 1 Extreme Talent and 2 Secret Talents.

Extreme Talents can only be inherited and require lvl40 and passing the Jounin Exam.

Secret Talents are hidden skills that are passed from generation to generation and require lvl50 for Primary Secret Talent and lvl60 & reached next ninja rank to acquire Secondary Secret Talent.

Every Talent has a skill tree. Each skill in the tree has 10 lvls at maximum. You are required to upgrade the prerequisite skills to at least lvl5 to learn the next skill. You upgrade by accumulating Talent Points.

Extreme Talents have 4 active skills and 2 passive skills. *Eye of Mirror & Dark Eye have 3 active skills and 3 passive skills.*

Secret Talents have 2 active skills and 1 passive skill.

*Talents CANNOT be learned from a friend!*

Talent Points

TP trainings can be done in the Kage Room under the Talent panal. Each Training gives 10 TP and can be completed once per day at sever reset. Each character can only complete at most 3 TP trainings per day.

There are 4 ways to gain TP:

  • 1. Complete daily TP missions
  • 2. Boost TP with tokens
  • 3. Get free TP(10) from sharing posts
  • 4. Get free TP(5) from gifts

Each lvl of Talent require a set number of TP:

Lvl1 – 5 TP
Lvl2 – 10 TP
Lvl3 – 25 TP
Lvl4 – 50 TP
Lvl5 – 100 TP
Lvl6 – 200 TP
Lvl7 – 300 TP
Lvl8 – 450 TP
Lvl9 – 600 TP
Lvl10 – 800 TP

TP Per Talent: Lvl 1-10 - 2,540

TP Per Extreme Talent:
6 x 2,540 - 15,240

TP Per Secret Talent:
3 x 2,540 - 7,620

TP Per Character Talents:
6 + 3 + 3 - 30,480

Tokens for TP:
10 TP = 20 Tokens
50+5 TP = 100 Tokens
100+20 TP = 200 Tokens
200+50 TP = 400 Tokens


Skill Bar / Skill Level

As long as you have enough CP, you can launch an active Talent skill by clicking the skill icon. Before you have a Talent you cannot use these Talent skill slots. After you have the Talent skills they will be automatically equipped to your skill slots. A passive skill, once learned, is always active and you do not have to launch it. You can check your profile panel and you’ll see the difference.


Ninja Saga Extreme and Secret Talents Guides

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Secret Talents

For information on what each effect means go to The Complete List of Status and Talent Effects.

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