Sims Social: Collection of Useful Cheats &Tricks

Sims Social: Collection of Useful Cheats & Tricks

Working Collection of useful cheats & tricks for The Sims Social. This is a contributed cheats and tricks from various gamers.


The Sims Social Cheats & Tricks:

  • Get Free Simoleons & Social Points
  • Get more Muse. Little advice to get some more muse! It's quick and easy to increase the chances of being muse! To make this work you must be "inspired" then go photograph the animals passing through your garden! You should have a lot more muse!  
  • Unlimited Money - Visit all of your Friends' houses, around 3 times or more, and use two of their facilities. Once you're done, go up to the other sim and talk with them about the weather. Do this, and it's free Simoleans for everybody!
  • Inspiration Expiration Cheat - So, you're super Inspired but you don't have any Energy left for you to use. What should you do? Let it all get wasted? Here, do this instead: start by "Pausing" your game by selecting the SHOP tab, then open up another browser window and do something else for a while. When you return, the game will have been paused, but the Energy clock never stopped ticking, so you'll have a bunch of Energy, and all of that non-wasted Inspiration.
  • Easy Puddle Removal - Just simply click Shop, then Storage, and you can instead store the puddle there.
  • Social Points into Simoleans - To turn Social Points into Simoleans, you simply go to the Decorating Shop and buy a "Stolen Kiss" for 2750 Social Points. Sell it and you will have gained 2750 Simoleans instead. This can also be used to raise the value of your homestead: Buy the "Stolen Kiss" and you will notice that it increases the value of your homestead by 7750 Simoleans, with only the 2750 Social Points having been spent.
  • Don't fix your bed: Don't waste energy fixing your bed simply refresh the sims social page and it will fix your bed.
  • Keep your social bar up without spending: Just put the asset "Fool "in the traits of your Sim and your character will speak to plants, you will not use more energy to raise your bar and your social social bar still held up .
  • Water Soaking Rug: If you place a rug underneath yur sinks and showers, if they ever break, a puddle will never form underneath them. 


Sims Social Tips & Tricks reported as patched or not working anymore:

  • Free Money Making Showers: Quick money scheme or alternatively, free shower scheme: Use your friends' shower instead. Each time you do that, you get 2 Social points and 5 Simoleans, and it doesn't even cost you any Energy!
  • Social/ Money Points Cheat: Go to Bella's House, and make sure you got 15 Energy. Use the shower over and over and never stop. You get 3 social points and 5 credits each time and you're energy never goes down. Easy to just keep clicking over and over.
  • Remove dead plants without the using energy: To remove the dead plants without using your energy or if you made ​​a mistake in your planting, simply place the squares of land in your storage and replace them . You stop wasting your energy and dead plants are gone!


Share your own tricks post it here!

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