Ninja Saga Level up Cheat for All Levels

Level up Cheats for All Ninja Saga Players. Tested and working as of 9/4/2011 this cheat will help you level up fast from level 1 to 80.

How to use this Cheat?

  1. Download the cheat files here : or here - mirror link
  2. Extract the Zip file on your desktop
  3. Open your Fiddler (Get it here Fiddler - HTTP Debugging Proxy and Install it)
  4. Click AutoResponder. Thick Enable automatic reponses and Unmatched request passthrough 

    Ninja Saga Level Cheat

  5. Drag all the files to the AutoResponder tab 

    Ninja Saga Level Cheat

  6. Clear your Web Cache. Login to facebook and play Ninja Saga then go to the Recruit Friends Building,
  7. Select a Level Cheat and click Start

How to use GhostMouse2.0 with this Level up cheat?

- with ghostmouse you can leave your computer and level up continously:

To Use this cheat with GhostMouse:

  1. Download and Install GhostMouse. Get it here: GhostMouse2.0
  2. Open Ninja Saga and Select your Ninja
  3. Open GhostMouse2.0
  4. Go back to Ninja Saga then Click RECORD on GhostMouse window
  5. Click Recruit Friends Building
  6. Do not do anything for 15 seconds :)
  7. Then select a level cheat click start
  8. Finish the mission Instantly
  9. Then open ghostmouse window
  10. Click PLAY

Note: You can not control your own computer when you do this cheat and GhostMouse will not STOP unless you press CTRL + ALT + DELETE


The Kage Speaks! You will no get ban using this cheat:

Ninja Saga level Cheat

Tips to Avoid Getting Ban:

  • For Level 1-60 - Do not level up more than 10 levels in a day.
  • For Level 60+ - Level up 1 per day only
  • Above all do not abuse

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