Ninja Saga Attribute Cheat using Cheat Engine

Ninja Saga Cheats

Enjoy Playing Ninja Saga using this Cheat! Decide how many points you want for Wind, Fire, Thunder, Water & Earth.

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Follow the Ninja Saga Cheat Guide:

  1. Play Ninja Saga select your character then open your cheat engine
  2. Select a process to open. if you use Firefox select plugin-container.exe (or any chrome.exe if you use google chrome)
  3. Scan your Gold Value. Scan Type: Exact Value. Value Type: 4 Bytes 

  4. Double Click the Result 5 times!

  5. Modify each Address(Double Click to Change Address). For each one change the last 2 digit code to

    Fire - 94
    Earth - A0
    Thunder - A4
    Wind - 9C (MAX VALUE: 350)
    Water - 98

  6. Now Change the Value of each address in the list! Input the attribute that you want for Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning, Fire
    Fire - 94
    Earth - A0
    Thunder - A4
    Wind - 9C (MAX VALUE: 350)
    Water - 98

  7. Go back to Ninja Saga then check your profile to see the results


  • Do not add too much wind attribute the game will mess up. Fight to see the result
  • You can change the value any time you want without reloading the game (Even on missions)
  • You can use this cheat on chunin, jounin, special jounin campaigns
  • You can use this cheat on clan wars via manual battle? (Reported by a user try it if its true)


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