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Battle Pirates Rapid Resources Cheat Facebook Games Tips & Tricks

Battle Pirates Rapid Resources Cheat will allows you to save 45 seconds every second!

Cheat Tools:

  • Cheat Engine 6.0
  • Google Chrome (or firefox)

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Game Battle Pirates
  2. Open cheat engine
  3. Click on the computer up-left, and in the windows that appears, Click on the last chrome.exe. Then, click on "enable speedhack", and if an error appears, select other chrome.exe of the windows. else, keep going
  4. Change 4 bytes to "Array of Bytes"
  5. Click on "Scan Read Only Memory"
  6. Put this Cheat Codes in the HEX field: 74 27 8B 45 E8 8B 50 08 8B 8A 3C 02 00 00
  7. Click on First Scan
  8. On the Left Side, Right click on the result that appears, and put "Dissasemble this Address"
  9. Change the first "je" that appears to "jg"
  10. Then Enjoy the Game!

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