Using Fiddler Cheats for Online Flash Games

What is Fiddler?

Fiddler is an HTTP debugging proxy server application written by Eric Lawrence of Microsoft. It captures HTTP traffic and logs it for the user to review. It can also be used to "fiddle" with HTTP traffic as it is being sent. By default, traffic from Microsoft's WinINET HTTP(S) stack is automatically directed through Fiddler at runtime, but any browser or application can be configured to route traffic through Fiddler.

Now you know. Fiddler is a HTTP debugging proxy server application and is NOT for cheating online Flash based games :lol:


How to use Fiddler Cheats?

1. First, Get Fiddler at then install it on your computer.

2. Open it and you should see an application like this.

3. Click AutoResponder Tab

4. Check "Enable automatic responses" and "Unmatched requests passthrough"

5. Drag your SWF cheat file onto AutoResponder (You can find a lot of SWF cheat files here: Game Cheats)

6. Keep Fiddler open. Open your web browser and clear your browser's cache (How to Clear my web browser cache?)

7. Play your Game and enjoy!







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