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24 July 2014

It's an apocalypse! Try and shoot down as many zombies and bats as you can before they start attacking!! Save yourself here--> Fantasy Hunt: Gloomy Nights

22 July 2014

Happy Fish! There's nothing cooler than a fish in sunglasses! Help him stay happy by avoiding the obstacles! Remember, just keep swimming! Splash now --->

21 July 2014

Word Scramble II Can you unscramble all the words and create a sentence? tSatr eHre --->

21 July 2014

Hidden Evidences Bring out your inner detective and see if you can find the Hidden Evidence! Grab your microscope and start playing here-->

20 July 2014

Pop Pop Puzzle Pop the sets and combinations of the Candy Elves and see if you can get rid of them all! Start popping here —>

18 July 2014

Spider Freecell Play your hand in a game of Spider Freecell and see if you can move all the cards into the 4 stacks! Spin your way through the deck here—>

21 July 2014

Play Jack! Ello mates! Take a trip down under and help the koala collect all the gold coins he sees! Join the fun and play now ---> Jack

21 July 2014

Hidden Evidences Bring out your inner detective and see if you can find the Hidden Evidence! Grab your microscope and start playing here-->

20 July 2014

Pop Pop Puzzle Pop the sets and combinations of the Candy Elves and set if you can get rid of them all! Start popping here —>

18 July 2014

Spider Freecell Play your hand in a game of Spider Freecell and see if you can move all the cards into the 4 stacks! Spin your way through the deck here—>

17 July 2014

Move over Tetris, Blox Tris is in town! Flip colorful blocks to create rows and rack up a high score in this classic puzzle game! Find the perfect fit! -----> Blox Tris

16 July 2014

Road Rage on Kamikaze Race! Speed through traffic and see how many cars you can overtake before you end in a crash! Put the pedal to the metal NOW---> Kamikaze Race

15 July 2014

Try Cube Crash: Wordz! Spelling bee! Time to see how big your vocabulary is with this fun new word game! Play now! ---> Cube Crash: Wordz

14 July 2014

Pixel Painter 2 Are you the next Picasso? Show the world your next masterpiece in Pixel Painter 2! Start creating here-->

13 July 2014

Hunting with Dragons Hunt with the Dragons and see what you can capture! Start playing here--->

12 July 2014

The Mirror Curse Can you collect all the lost items throughout the land? We challenge you... Break the curse here--->

11 July 2014

NEW GAME: Candy Unstoppable It's raining candy so start popping as many gum balls as you can before the candy jar overflows!! Start popping here---> Candy Unstoppable

9 July 2014

Try Ghost Climb! Float your way up the blocks and see how far you can get before you slip!! Start the adventure here---> Ghost Climb

8 July 2014

Play Grumpy Knight! Help Grumpy Knight find the key to open up the treasure chest, but be careful when running into zombies! Play Now! ---> Grumpy Knight

25 June 2014

Geometry of the Spore Rescue the Space Fortress! Play Now! --->

24 June 2014

Check out Evolution Paper Plane! Keep the paper plane afloat! Watch out for Rockets! Play Now! --->

23 June 2014

Ball Bricker 3D Break all the bricks before you lose track of the balls. Don't forget to collect those power ups! Play Ball Bricker 3D now! --->

10 April 2014

The king is back, and he's hungry! Play Feed the King! ---> Feed the King

25 March 2014

It's about time for revenge! Play Flappy Hunting! ---> Flappy Hunting!

20 March 2014

Finally, the home row pay off. Play Typo Runner! ---> Typo Runner!

17 March 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Mindjolt! Play now! ---> Shamrockz!

14 March 2014

Turn the tables to push the key into the slot and unlock the next level in Discover Istanbul. Play now! ---> Discover Istanbul

11 March 2014

Check out the walkthrough for Crazy Cabbie! With power-ups, you don't have to even be very good! Play Crazy Cabbie! ---> Crazy Cabbie

4 March 2014

Click and crush the magic orbs with your dragon head! Play Dragon Blast! --->

3 March 2014

There will always be jewels that need matching and collecting! Play Ancient Jewels! -->

1 March 2014

A factory that turns its parking lot into an obstacle course is probably trying to fire you. Play Factory Parking! --->

28 February 2014

There's probably a basketball hoop at the type of this tower. Play Dribbling! --->

27 February 2014

Take your loyal hound on a hunting trip where the ducks fight back! Play Jet Ducks! --->

26 February 2014

When symmetrical collapse games aren't challenging enough, there's Jeweltasia! Play now! --->

25 February 2014

The teams might not be completely even, but the music makes up for it. Play Pongoal Blitz! --->

24 February 2014

Need technical help?

24 February 2014

This block chicken falls like a ton of bricks. Play Flappy Chicken 3D! ---> Flappy Chicken 3D

21 February 2014

The flashing ghost lights don't make the game any easier. But you can beat it! Play Glimpse! ---> Glimpse!

19 February 2014
19 February 2014

Flappy Bird is on Mindjolt! The game where 2 points is cause for celebration! Play now! ---> Flappy Bird!

14 February 2014

Got a minute to take a quick survey? We'd love to get your feedback on our next game! CLICK HERE >

14 February 2014

What's more romantic than a high score in Valentine Bubble on Valentine's Day? Play now! --->

12 February 2014

The different colors are more distracting than you think! Play Dimensions! ---> Dimensions!

10 February 2014

11 Mini-Games in 11 Seconds! Combine your score to challenge your friends! Play 11 Seconds! ---> 11 Seconds

7 February 2014

Clearly this dolphin has given up on its New Year's Resolution. Play Big Fat Dolphin! ---> Big Fat Dolphin!

30 January 2014

Hunt down the dragon with the wizard, fight, or ranger and slay the ancient beast before your time runs out! Play Dungeon Deadline! ---> Dungeon Deadline!

28 January 2014

Not advocating throwing animals around. But it may take a few animal tosses to swipe that high score from your friends in Animalis! Use the power-ups! They work! ---> Animalis!

26 January 2014

That bear has human hands! Play Carnival Shooting Range! --->

25 January 2014

Defend The Appalese Wall from the endless stream of demonic monsters and evil wizards! Play The Appalese Wall! --->

24 January 2014

Spin and twirl to make matches in this combination of balls and bombs! Play Collapsabowl! --->

24 January 2014

Here are the first few solutions to Quash Board to get you started. Play Quash Board now! ---> Quash Board

23 January 2014

Some snakes eat apples, and other snakes eat snakes. The choice is yours in this battle arena! Play Snake Fight Arena! --->

21 January 2014

It's an endless runner with some twists, turns, and size shifts. Play Mad Pixel Run! --->

20 January 2014

Help Little Jane reach the clouds and dodge the bees, hedgehogs, and forks that are floating around up in the atmosphere! Play Little Jane! --->

19 January 2014

Join the bubble-busting blast on Monkey Island! Break the bananas out of the colorful bubbles! Play Monkey Island! --->

18 January 2014

If you want your house painted in a very sneaky way, you know who to call. Play Ninja Painter! --->

17 January 2014

The sequel to Fruit Ninja! Fruit Ninja 2: Revenge of the Mango. Play Mango Samurai! --->

16 January 2014

Escape the dangerous mystery dungeon by collecting paint cans and old newspapers! Play Mystery Dungeon! ---> Games on Mindjolt on Facebook | Facebook Take on your Facebook friends in Mindjolt's ever-growing gaming app! Travel back to the classics or master new action games before challenging your...

15 January 2014

How do you get past the cannon fire section in this game? Play Build the Tower! --->

14 January 2014

Play 30 more exciting levels of spacey gems in . . . Galactic Gems 2 Deluxe! --->

13 January 2014

Help the dragon dodge the falling blocks! Play Dragon Escape! --->

13 January 2014

Once you pop your first Fip, you won't be able to stop! Play Fip! ---> Games on Mindjolt on Facebook | Facebook Take on your Facebook friends in Mindjolt's ever-growing gaming app! Travel back to the classics or master new action games before challenging your...

11 January 2014

Just make sure you don't cut any corners on the racetrack or you'll end up back where you started. Play Red Kart Racer! --->

10 January 2014

How long can you last in the Vegas Poker tournament? Here's a hint: Always go all-in. It's very intimidating. Play Vegas Poker! --->

9 January 2014

There's nothing better than when the cubes all fall together in Cube Crash. Play Cube Crash Deluxe! --->

8 January 2014

It's more "Balloon Rotate" than twist. There's no twisting involved. Play Balloon Twist! --->

7 January 2014

Click candy and destroy the flying shelled sugar spheres! Play Flying Candy! --->

6 January 2014

Start the new year with some classic games like Brick Breakout! Play Brick Suppression! --->

3 January 2014

Maybe the new year will give you the luck you need to finally beat your friends' Bubble Spinner score! Take them on! ---> New Year for Bubble Spinner!

3 January 2014

Every game has bugs and when you tell us about your experience, we can squash those bugs even faster! Tell us what's up here:

26 December 2013

Take a trip to the zoo, and maybe help the parrots clean up their habitat. Play Zoo Hidden Objects! -->

26 December 2013

Bears love cake. But will they eat these holiday leftovers?! Play Bears Love Cake! --->

25 December 2013

Take some time off from the Christmas clean-up time, and crash some cubes! Play Cube Crash Deluxe! --->

24 December 2013

Become a pirate and do what everyone loves about those sea-faring dogs: blowing things up! Play Fort Blaster! --->

24 December 2013

Making sure the lights change on time is much harder than you think. Especially when there's ice on the road! Play Trafficator 2! --->

23 December 2013

Create massive ice blocks as the new master of snow this winter! Play Snow Queen 2! --->

23 December 2013

Is it really jumping if you use a jetpack? Play Long Jump! --->

22 December 2013

Try out some virtual Simon Says games! Play Repeat After Me! --->

21 December 2013

Winter is the best time to see the stars. So go outside and create some supernovas! Play Rainbow Stars! ---> Games on Mindjolt on Facebook | Facebook Take on your Facebook friends in Mindjolt's ever-growing gaming app! Travel back to the classics or master new action games before challenging your...

13 December 2013

Everyone wants to get home early. And with rockets strapped to your car, you can! Play Car Chaos! ---> Car Chaos

13 December 2013

Play Panda Pop for free hearts! Voted Best New Game by Apple - Download free! Click from iPhone/iPad - Click from Desktop - Timeline Photos Play Panda Pop for free hearts! Voted Best New Game by Apple - Download free! Click from iPhone/iPad - Click from Desktop -

12 December 2013

Voted Best New Game by Apple - Download free! Click from iPhone/iPad - Click from Desktop - Timeline Photos Voted Best New Game by Apple - Download free! Click from iPhone/iPad - Click from Desktop -

11 December 2013

It's probably the moaning mummy monster and not the gold that makes Jack run so fast. Play now! ---> Jack Run

10 December 2013

The game starts out easy enough. And then there are two gorillas. And everything comes tumbling down. Play Monkey in Trouble 2! ---> Monkey in Trouble Again!

5 December 2013

Build up your laboratory of squiggle-vision germs! Play Drop Lab! ---> Drop Lab!

4 December 2013

Need technical help? Go here and someone will assist you. MindJolt Stay updated with announcements, get answers from the community, and share your feature suggestions with us.You can also submit a request or send us an email at Welcome to our new customer service site! Feel free to look around.

27 November 2013

Be sure to bonk some turkeys when you're stuffed on turkey and exhausted from shopping! Play Turkey Bonk! ---> Turkey Bonk!

26 November 2013

Enter the epic battle as the underdog: the mouse. Play Cat vs. Mouse! ---> Cat vs. Mouse

22 November 2013

Dig to find those green gems! Reveal them for a high score! Play Diamonds Mine! ---> Diamonds Mine!

19 November 2013

Here are the first few levels to get you started constructing your shaky towers. Play Build Balance! ---> Build Balance

18 November 2013

Steady . . . steady . . . Play Maze Evolution! ---> Maze Evolution!

14 November 2013

Use your power-ups to keep yourself in the game! The occasional -200 point penalty is nothing compared to the thousands of points for each new level. Play Collapsabowl! ---> Collapsabowl!

13 November 2013

It might look confusing, but really you just capture the squares using your total number of spaceships. Capture more squares and your ships regenerate faster! Play King Conquers Space! ---> King Conquers Space!

12 November 2013

It's a matching game you can't possibly lose! High scores are made for panda pups with patience. Play Bears Love Cakes! ---> Bears Love Cakes!

5 November 2013

Now that Halloween is over and there are no more monsters to match, here's a new set of good old gems to pop! Play Ancient Jewels 3! --->

29 October 2013

Why do movies always use guns to put down a zombie apocalypse when monster trucks would be so much more fun? Play Truck Zombie Jam! ---> Truck Monster Jam

23 October 2013

Keep an eye out. That timer drops to zero faster than you realize. Play MetroSquares! ---> MetroSquares!

22 October 2013

Pool is a game of skill, luck, and embarrassing your untalented opponent. Play Pool Maniac 2! ---> Pool Maniac 2!

18 October 2013

Break the Star Bottle to slow time and shatter the other bottles and cans on the firing line. Play Revolver! ---> Revolver

17 October 2013

Go off the rails in this tricky mine car! Play Cart Rider! ---> Cart Rider

15 October 2013

Help your MindJolt Community sow the fields and raise all types of barnyard buddies in Gourmet Farm! Play here! --->

11 October 2013

More candy gobbling practice before the big day! Play Candy Buff! ---> Candy Buff!

8 October 2013

Practice your candy mastery before Halloween in this sweet candy-coated bubble shooter! Play Sweet Candy! ---> Sweet Candy!

3 October 2013

The last match is always the toughest. Play now! ---> Ancient Jewels 2

30 September 2013

Be sure to use the spacebar when you need an extra letter! Play Cube Crash: Wordz! ---> Cube Crash: Wordz!

26 September 2013

You can also stun the gorilla by dropping fruit on his head. Give it a try! Play Monkey in Trouble! ---> Monkey in Trouble

25 September 2013

Cats have tiny heads. And in this game, only headshots count. Play Cat Food Throw! ---> Cat Food Throw!

23 September 2013

Running and jumping in full plate armor? Don't forget to double-jump. It'll save your life. Play Knight Run! ---> Knight Run

20 September 2013

Faster, more power-ups, more levels! It's Galactic Gems 2: Accelerated . . . this time it's cosmic-er. Play now! ---> Galactic Gems 2: Accelerated

18 September 2013

Don't freeze up during when you're popping letters. This bubble bath will burst before you know it! Play Bubbletters! ---> Bubbletters

13 September 2013

Panda Jam has almost ONE MILLION 'LIKES!' Bravo and thanks for being part of our awesome community! We're celebrating with coins everyday 'till we get there! Here's 1000 coins now ---->

12 September 2013

Use those Mindjolt coins and buy some insane power-ups for this classic! Play Crazy Cabbie! --->

10 September 2013

This rocket mining expedition is a mess! Clean it up with some precise shots from your spaceship! Play Rock It! --->

9 September 2013

Avoid the black holes and pick up extra fuel tanks as you travel across the galaxy! Play Joe the Alien! --->

8 September 2013

It's Crash the Robot: Explosive Edition! Don't held your breath for the Tender Moments version. Play Crash the Robot! --->

7 September 2013

Get a ridiculous amount of power-ups and superpowered laser guns in this alien-infested technoverse. Play Electropede! --->

6 September 2013

Match and dig your way down to the center of the earth, but make sure you don't bury this little guy alive! Play Match 'n' Dig! --->

5 September 2013

Help Headless Joe find his head. Even though people would start confusing him with Headful Joe. Play Headless Joe! --->

4 September 2013

Leap from the darkness and head toward the sun! Play Jump in the Dark! --->

30 August 2013

It's like a more intense Bubble Spinner! Play Spinning Bubbles! ---> Spinning Bubbles

29 August 2013

The Persians lost the Battle of Thermopylae because they lined up like bowling pins. Obviously. Play Spartan Fire Javelin! ---> Spartan Fire Javelins!

28 August 2013

If Snoods could choke, it would look like the end of this game. Play Classic Snood! ---> Snood Classic

26 August 2013

Just keep circling the fruit until it's time to strike! Play Aztec Snake! ---> Aztec Snake!

23 August 2013

There might be a lot of three letter words in this video, but right after it ends, there was "Gunslinger" "Complacent" and "Earthquake" It's true! Play Cube Crash: Wordz! ---> Cube Crash: Wordz!

22 August 2013

It's not that classic case of Red vs. Blue. Reds are enemies, blues are enemies. Become the Comet, Destroyer of Worlds. Play Patrol Comet! ---> Patrol Comet!

21 August 2013

Simple monkey flying game---GIANT GIRAFFE! Ninja star? What? Asteroids! Play Flying Monkey! ---> Flying Monkey!

19 August 2013

Click those gems as fast as you can to protect your Shields bar from the alien attacks! Play now! ---> Stargem Frenzy!

16 August 2013

Everyone knows that falling fruits make the sweetest pies. But why would you even consider adding rocks? Play Fruity Pies! ---> Fruity Pies

14 August 2013

How good are you at word games? This one doesn't let you use that pluralizing trick. No "bore bores tore sores sore chore chores" for you here. Play Waffle! ---> Waffle!

13 August 2013

Monster Towers will be the end of you. Don't let them get out of control. Play Monster Match! ---> Monster Match!

12 August 2013

I like my Mini Mons to be a little bouncier than these heavy, curvy, unpredictable mons. Play Mini Mons! ---> Mini Mons!

9 August 2013

Try your luck in the worldwide tournaments with classic Mindjolt games! Play Block Blaster! ---> Block Blaster Tournament

7 August 2013

That target radius isn't as big as I thought. "8 short of goal" That's an ouch. Play Bombustion! ---> Bombustion!

5 August 2013

I'm pretty sure that the goal is to drive across the country back home without waking up your passenger. Backflips don't seem to work. Play Upstream! -> Upstream!

2 August 2013

This time I'm going for just Perfect Jumps---ah, shoot. Play Epic Coaster! ---> Epic Coaster Perfect Jumps

1 August 2013

VrrrrrrooooomSPACEBAR! Forward, spacebar, win, faceplant. Anything can happen on the track. Play Freestyle Motorbike! ---> Freestyle Motorracer

31 July 2013

And here I was thinking a new level would clean away all of the mistakes I made. Play Falling Machines! ---> Falling Machines!

29 July 2013

Cruise through the first few tutorial levels and get to the really challenging stuff. Play New Splitter Pals! ---> New Splitter Pals

26 July 2013

I was going to post about a puzzle game. But I'm more in the mood for face plants this morning. Play Downhill Snowboard! ---> Snowboard Downhill!

25 July 2013

Eating candy is a high pressure situation. How long can you last in this sprint to a sugar crash? Play Candy Buff! ---> Candy Bufff

24 July 2013

The hardest part about this game is remembering that there is a spacebar. Play Ninja Cat! ---> Ninja Cat vs. Dinosaurs

22 July 2013

Do you know any archaeologists without a bull whip? I think that's why people go into the field. Play Egyptian Treasures! -> Egyptian Treasures

19 July 2013

It might be a little hard to understand at first, but I think Cube Crash 2 is way better than the original. Play Cube Crash 2! ---> Cube Crash 2

18 July 2013

For some reason, I always play better in Waka Waka than I do in Pac-Man. And by that I mean, I usually make it to Level 2. Play Waka Waka! ---> Waka Waka!

17 July 2013

I hope it's only children smashing into the parked cars and dropping into the huge potholes in the road, and not, say, real car owners. Play Parking Virtuoso! ---> Parking Virtuoso

16 July 2013

Want to get first place in Crazy Wheels? Just stay on the ground and don't explode. It's always going to be a nail-biter finish. Play Crazy Wheels! ---> Crazy Wheels!

15 July 2013

Classic Bomberman now comes in a cuddly bear form! And just like with Bomberman, you can just wait for your opponents to blow themselves up. Play Bomber Clash! ---> Bomber Clash!

12 July 2013

There's nothing better than playing that perfect game of Snake. Except maybe bragging to your friends about it. If only there was an app for that. Oh, wait! Play Snake with Amigos! --->

10 July 2013

If you're done crushing candy, you can start chomping down on cupcakes. Play Sweety Mahjong! ---> Jul 10, 2013 9:31am

9 July 2013

The war between spitballs and balloons will never end. Play Bob's Balloons! --->

8 July 2013

Even the banana knows he's not going to fit in that bowl. Play Fruit-a-Rama! --->

7 July 2013

Flood pirates, keep the peasants dry, and water the trees to solve each puzzle! Play Flooded Village! --->

6 July 2013

Not sure why you'd want to go delving into the deep dark earth for monsters. But if you did! Play Magic Well! --->

5 July 2013

If you can't go traveling this long weekend, you can go traveling in this world traveling matching game! Play Match Around the World! --->

4 July 2013

Celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks and high scores! Play Firework Rush! --->

3 July 2013

The secret to a high score in Bouncy Balls is to not panic. Play Bouncing Balls! ---> Jul 3, 2013 10:44am

2 July 2013

Hmm. This is why I'm not a mechanic. Play Master Gear! --->

1 July 2013

Think you can do better? Post your scores in this bubble-slashing spectacular! Play Bubble Slasher! ----> Bubble Slasher

28 June 2013

Mindjolt is always better when you completely annihilate your friend's score and then lay down a cheesy boast. Play Epic Coaster! --->

27 June 2013

Match 2 of the same colored tiles to clear them from the board. A tile is free if it's not covered and has at least 3 free contigious sides. Remove all tiles to advance to the next level. Play Crystal Hexajong 2 ---> Crystal Hexajong 2

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