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Last Update: August 20, 2014

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Hatched a dragon lately? Play DragonVale and raise, feed and breed your own lovable dragons. DragonVale is an enticing social mobile game from Backflip Studios that is sure to keep you entertained. You get: *Dozens of adorable dragons to raise
*A magical island you build in the sky
*Custom habitats where dragons graze
*Paths and decorations to delight your visitors
*Farms to grow dragon treats
*The grand Colosseum where dragons compete
*Full-color visuals and sparkling animations
*An original Renaissance music soundtrack
*Support for Game Center and Facebook to visit other parks and trade gifts
* And to think it all started with an egg.
*Install DragonVale today. It's free!

What's New on DragonVale

15 August 2014

Hey Dragonvalers! Check out our newest game, Spellfall! We're so happy to announce another Editor's Choice from Apple, and the honor of being featured as one of the Best New Games on the App Store! Download Spellfall here: Available on your local App Store!

14 August 2014

The Amber Dragon is now available and for this weekend only, it is 90% off!

12 August 2014

Last Call!

8 August 2014

Last Call! Available through August 11th

7 August 2014

Hey DragonValer's, welcome the new Geode Dragon! This dragon is here to stay!!

5 August 2014

Welcoming the new Leaf Dragon! Available through August 18th

4 August 2014

Does anyone want to go out on a limb and guess what the newest Dragon will be?

8 August 2014

Last Call! Available through August 11th

7 August 2014

Hey DragonValer's! We've listened to your feedback and decided to change Boost Buildings. From now on the negative effect from your Boost Buildings has been removed! Your dragon's income will no longer be affected by their opposite boost building and this change will allow you to arrange your islands however you like!

7 August 2014

Hey DragonValer's, welcome the new Geode Dragon! This dragon is here to stay!!

5 August 2014

Welcoming the new Leaf Dragon! Available through August 18th

4 August 2014

Does anyone want to go out on a limb and guess what the newest Dragon will be?

1 August 2014

It's a Double Firefly Frenzy through August 3rd! This weekend is the last chance to turn in all your fireflies and try to collect the Twilight Tower!

1 August 2014

Peridot Dragon is back!

1 August 2014

Wizard's Quiz Answer: 19 Trees

30 July 2014

Ruby Dragon Last Call! Q: The red color in a ruby is caused by a presence of what element? A: The red color is mainly caused by the element chromium

25 July 2014

Introducing DragonVale's new Prism Dragon! Available through August 11th

24 July 2014

Can anyone shine a light on what the upcoming dragon might be?

18 July 2014

It's a special time of the Firefly Festival. Through July 20th there are double the fireflies everywhere! Earn double the magical Fireflies when you buy them in the Market and collect them in your park!

11 July 2014

Great guesses everyone!

11 July 2014

Victory Dragon is back and available through July 13th! Plus a new decoration, the Chalice of the Vale!

18 July 2014

It's a special time of the Firefly Festival. Through July 20th there are double the fireflies everywhere! Earn double the magical Fireflies when you buy them in the Market and collect them in your park!

11 July 2014

Great guesses everyone!

11 July 2014

Victory Dragon is back and available through July 13th! Plus a new decoration, the Chalice of the Vale!

10 July 2014

We hope everyone enjoys the Firefly Festival! We made a cool video to show some of the new features and highlights on where to go for more information. Check it out and let us know what you think!

10 July 2014

The Firefly Festival is finally here! Be sure you've updated to the newest version of DragonVale (2.4.0) to access the DragonVale Firefly Festival!

9 July 2014

Get ready DragonValers! A new event is on its way starting July 10th! Be sure to download the most recent update coming soon as this is a mandatory update for our upcoming event! Make sure you download this update so you can join in on the fun!

8 July 2014

To all the DragonVale soccer (football) fans out there, we'd like to wish good luck to anyones team still left in the tournament. Who knows what dragon the wizards will release for the Victorious team this week?

4 July 2014

Hey DragonValers have a great weekend and happy 4th of July to our fans in America! Answer to Liberty Dragon Quiz: The Statue of Liberty took 9 years to construct and 2 years to place on the island.

3 July 2014

Liberty Dragon is back for a limited time! Wizard's Quiz: How long did it take to build the Statue of Liberty?

3 July 2014

Check out the new Hydra Dragon! As this dragon grows so will its heads!

2 July 2014

DragonVale is very excited to announce a new mythological dragon from a dark realm! What kind of dragon do you think it could be?

1 July 2014

Time for the Gem Dragon of the month! Wizards Quiz: The red color in a ruby is caused by a presence of what element?

30 June 2014

Last Call! Wizards Recap: Q: What is the chemical element compound for Pearl? A: Calcium Carbonate, CaCO3

27 June 2014

Thanks everyone for participating in the Wednesdays Wizard's Quiz! Our Wizard's will continue to post a new Wizard's Quiz each Wednesday and post the answer the following Friday! Be sure to stop by to see what the Wizards are brewing!

26 June 2014

We’ve tallied your votes and the results are in! The Wizards have cast a spell to extend the Gem Sale and Celestial Comeback! Don’t miss out, this extended spell will only last through June 29th!

26 June 2014

Looking for a new game to play while your DragonVale eggs hatch? Check out Twister Tap, a new spin on the classic Twister ® game. Get it FREE today in the App Store:… Twister Tap by Backflip Studios and Hasbro Gaming Twister Tap. A new spin on the classic Twister ® game. Get it today in the iOS App Store:…

26 June 2014

Hey DragonValers, some of you have written in and asked about getting some more time to get the Moonstruck and Blue Moon dragons. If you'd like the Wizards to extend the Celestial Comeback and Gem Sale, let us know in the comments!

25 June 2014

The wind is blowing the Kite Dragon away! Reel one into your collection before it's gone!

25 June 2014

The New Wednesday Wizard's Quiz!

24 June 2014

Get ready for this explosive Firework Dragon! Wizards Quiz: What year and place was the largest firework display of all time?

24 June 2014

Last Call!!! Don't miss out on the Solstice Dragon! Wizards Recap: Q: According to the Gregorian calendar, what date does the June Solstice typically occur? A: June 20th or the 21st

22 June 2014

Time for this Bearded Dragon to make its way back to the deserts! Wizards Quiz Recap! Q: What is the most common scientific name for a Bearded Dragon? A: Pogona Vitticeps

21 June 2014

It's time to say goodbye to the Seasonal Spring Dragon and hello to Seasonal Summer Dragon. Also be sure to check out the transformation of your Seasonal habitat this weekend!

21 June 2014

Who's ready for Summer!?

20 June 2014

BONUS GEM SALE!!!!!!!! In welcoming the Celestial comeback we are also having an awesome Bonus Gem Sale! Get more gems with every purchase!

20 June 2014

Happy Friday everyone! Time for a weekend of Celestial Dragons! You can breed or buy these limited dragons through June 26th. Don't miss out on the collection comeback!

19 June 2014

PlunderNauts, the latest game from the makers of DragonVale, is this week's "Editor's Choice" in the iOS App Store!… PlunderNauts by Backflip Studios and LightBox Interactive PlunderNauts. Epic space battles in the palm of your hand. Get it today in the iOS App Store:…

19 June 2014

With summer right around the corner, it's time to say goodbye to the Epic Spring Dragon. Be sure you've added this beautiful Dragon to your park before it's gone!

17 June 2014

It's June and time for the Solstice Dragon! Wizards Quiz: According to the Gregorian calendar, what date does the June Solstice typically occur?

17 June 2014

The Butterfly Dragon will be migrating away from the market in a few days. Be sure you've added it to your collection!

13 June 2014

NEW from the makers of DragonVale! Download Ferno for iOS: It's on FIRE! Ferno by Backflip Studios Backflip's latest game is on fire! Install Ferno today for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. It's free!…

12 June 2014

Great guesses everyone! Introducing the new Kite Dragon!

11 June 2014

DragonVale will be introducing a new Dragon! This dragon takes its name from a 5th Century Chinese invention. Who wants to guess what it could be?

10 June 2014

Welcoming back the Bearded Dragon! Wizards Quiz: What is the most common scientific name for a Bearded Dragon?

5 June 2014

Although the cold has passed for us, we're bringing winter back! Reindeer, Winter, Gift and Mistletoe Dragons are available through June 9th. Another exciting weekend to add to your collection.

3 June 2014

The Wizards are very excited to announce that we'll be adding more habitat slots at level 37, 39 and 43. Now you can place more Dragons in your park! There will also be additional bonus habitats available! Please email us at if you have questions regarding the additional habitats.

2 June 2014

Welcoming back the beautiful Pearl Dragon! Wizards Quiz: What is the chemical element compound for Pearl?

29 May 2014

Spring is here and our Butterfly Dragon has escaped its cocoon!

29 May 2014

You won't catch this Dragon with your eyes open! Quiz Time: What stage of a normal sleep cycle is dreaming most likely to occur?

29 May 2014

Time is almost up! Don't miss out on the elegant Emerald Dragon!

28 May 2014

Welcoming a new addition to the DragonVale Dragon collection! A sneak peek for what's to come!

20 May 2014

The Sprout Dragon has almost concluded it's germinating season. Be sure you've picked your Sprout!

20 May 2014

Don't forget to pick up your arrangement of Bouquet Dragons before they're gone!

16 May 2014

Introducing the Collection Comeback! All 16 Gemstone Dragons have returned to DragonVale for a limited time. You can breed or buy them through May 18th! Which Gemstone do you need to complete your Collection?

16 May 2014

We hope everyone has been enjoying The Dragonarium! We made this video to show some of the cool new features and highlight where to go for more information. Check it out and let us know what you think!

15 May 2014

The Jade Dragon returns today to DragonVale! This Gemstone Dragon will be available for the next three months.

13 May 2014

The Wizards have been really busy! We are so excited to bring an incredible new feature to DragonVale today! Introducing The Dragonarium - an awesome new way to keep track of your Dragon collection. Oh...and five new dragons :D Tell us what you think! Ask us questions! Have FUN!

12 May 2014

Coming this week to DragonVale - five new dragons that use all ten base types! What do you think some of the combos will be? Oh the possibilities!

7 May 2014

To celebrate of all of the wonderful Mothers in our lives, the Bouquet Dragon has returned to DragonVale for a limited time :)

6 May 2014

Have you ever wanted to fly one of your DragonVale dragons? Now you can with DragonVale Wings! Take flight today:… (iOS only... for now). DragonVale Wings, by Backflip Studios

6 May 2014

Here it is! The Sprout Dragon :) Way to go for all of those Valers that guessed correctly! Also new in DragonVale today - upgraded Seasonal Habitats!

5 May 2014

A new addition to the family will be arriving in DragonVale very soon...! Any guesses on what this one will be called?

1 May 2014

The Emerald Dragon holds a special place in our hearts - it was the first Gemstone Dragon to come to DragonVale! Making its third annual return, please welcome the Emerald Dragon back to the Vale for the month of May!

28 April 2014

Thank You DragonVale!

27 April 2014

The Magic Egg Hunt is almost over! At the end of the event, the Wizards will transform your leftover Eggs into Gems! Be sure to turn in all your eggs before the event ends to earn rewards! Any Eggs that are turned in and do not result in a reward will be transformed into Gems.

25 April 2014

Double Magic Egg weekend is back for the last time! The Magic Egg Hunt will run through April 27th and the wizards will be hiding Double Magic Eggs in your park all weekend. Best of luck to everyone and happy egg hunting!

24 April 2014

It has been a busy month in the Vale! Don't think we forgot about the Solar Eclipse Dragon's return! Available now for a limited time along with the Umbral Sculpture deco!

24 April 2014

For all of you who guessed the plant element - spot on! Please join the Wizards in welcoming the Arbor Dragon to DragonVale! Available now for a limited time! The breeding time for the Arbor Dragon is 10 hours.

23 April 2014

Here's a sneak peek at a new Dragon! Arriving in DragonVale sometime very soon...Which elements do you think you will need to breed one?

19 April 2014

How is Double Magic Egg weekend going for you? Here's a close up of this beautiful new addition to the Gemstone Dragons - The Ovalith Dragon! You can earn this dragon by participating in the Magic Egg Hunt event which is happening NOW in DragonVale and will run through April 27th!

18 April 2014

TGIF! In celebration of all things Magic, the Wizards are hiding double the amount of eggs in your park this weekend! Visit the Treasure Market for Double Magic Eggs and to see when this offer expires. Double Down!

17 April 2014

Earth, Air and Water. When these three elements combine, a Terradiem Dragon may hatch in your park! Returning to DragonVale for a limited time, the Terradiem Dragon is available now!

16 April 2014

The third reward in the Magic Egg Hunt is a special Gemstone Habitat! This Habitat can hold two Gemstone Dragons and can be placed anywhere in your park! Check it out :)

15 April 2014

Join your fellow Valers to find magic eggs hidden throughout DragonVale. The Magic Egg Hunt continues through April 27th!

14 April 2014

We've been seeing a lot of posts and getting a lot of emails about egg collecting when visiting friends. Another common question is, "When will my eggs reset!" Please click the links below for answers to these questions in our support portal! The Magic Egg Hunt - Egg Reset Timer One of the most frequently asked and posted questions about The Magic Egg Hunt has been, "When and how does my 24 hour clock...

14 April 2014

How is the hunt going DragonVale? Here's a closer look at the Ovalith Pedestal - the second reward you can earn by participating in the Magic Egg Hunt!

11 April 2014

We hope that you are enjoying the hunt! Here's a peek of the awesome Egg of Burcadia! You can get one for your park only by participating in the Magic Egg Hunt! Have a great weekend Valers!

11 April 2014

My fellow Egg Hunters! We've been getting a lot of questions about when egg collecting refreshes. You can check this at any time by tapping the Vernal Glass Sculpture on the event island and tapping Info. We'll be here answering your questions all day!

10 April 2014

It is time.....for The Magic Egg Hunt! Update DragonVale to participate in this special event! Gather Eggs, visit friends, earn prizes and have fun! Available now for the next few weeks!

10 April 2014

Did you know that more people on Earth can view the lunar eclipse than the solar eclipse? Today is a big day in DragonVale. To warm you up for the big reveal, please welcome back the Lunar Eclipse Dragon! Available for a limited time. (Don't worry....we haven't forgotten about that other... thing ;) )

9 April 2014

Not much longer now! Great things come to those who play ;)

9 April 2014

Any ideas my fellow Valers?!

8 April 2014

Spring is certainly in the air! Available for a limited time, the Bloom Dragon arrives today to DragonVale! To find out when this dragon expires, simply tap Market then tap Dragons. When the Bloom Dragon is close to expiring, it will have a timer on its market card :D

1 April 2014

We promise it isn't an April Fools joke -- returning to DragonVale today is the Diamond Dragon and the Diamond Ring Deco! Available now for the month of April. Click share to show your friends this beauty!

28 March 2014

Making its way back to DragonVale today for a limited time, say hello to the Motley Dragon! Share with your friends and click like to welcome this jokester to your park!

25 March 2014

The Carnival Dragon will be available for a few more days (through March 27th) but the party doesn't have to end... Buy or breed one of these dragons today!

20 March 2014

It is official - Spring has sprung in DragonVale! Marking the change of seasons, the Spring Dragon is now available. Click Share to spread the spring fever!

13 March 2014

Celebrating the upcoming Cherry Blossom Festivals all around the world, the Sakura Dragon is back in DragonVale! Available for a limited time!

10 March 2014

Welcome back to the Celtic and Clover Dragons, available through March 18! Good Luck!

5 March 2014

Congratulations to the people who guessed Carnival (or Mardi Gras) Dragon! This dragon will be available through March 27th. Happy breeding!

3 March 2014

I wonder what dragon will be showing up tomorrow? Click 'Like' and post your guesses as comments.

28 February 2014

It's the end of February and you know what that means... Last Call for this month's Gem Stone Amethyst Dragon. Breed or buy one before March arrives!

21 February 2014

Available through February 23rd, the Victory Dragon arrives in DragonVale today!

12 February 2014

Landing today in DragonVale, the lovely Moonstruck Dragon. Only available through February 16th!

4 February 2014

How romantic, the Rose Dragon has returned to DragonVale for a limited time!

4 February 2014

Hey DragonValers! We've learned that in order to comply with App guidelines, we can no longer use codes of any kind. This includes promotional codes and friend codes. We are working to find a viable solution that meets current requirements, but in the mean time we have to remove friend codes entirely from DragonVale. For more details, please click the link below. Friend Codes Being Removed from DragonVale As our Facebook post stated, we've learned that in order to comply with App Store guidelines, we can no longer use codes of any kind....

27 January 2014

Light and Dark dragons can now breed with Metal dragons! Good luck breeding the Palladium, Radiant, Acid and Promethium Dragons!

12 January 2014

Bring Em Back ends today! Thank you to everyone who 'Liked' the previous post to help extend it through this weekend. Be on the lookout in the coming weeks for the remaining Light and Dark dragon combinations and other exciting limited time Dragons!

8 January 2014

Would everyone like one more weekend to get the rare and limited-time dragons? Click 'Like' and I'm sure we can convince the Wizards to keep the magic going on Bring Em Back a bit longer!

5 January 2014

What's in your #DragonVale Park? Take a screenshot of your park and share it publicly on your Facebook with #DragonVale in the description. The Wizards will share some of their favorites here.… Lucy Morsbach Hull #DragonVale level 50 park

4 January 2014

What's in your park? Tap the "Share Park" button in the latest DragonVale iOS app, post the screenshot to your Facebook & tag it as #DragonVale so we can see it. We'll share some of our favorites here. Sorry, the share button isn't available yet for Android or Kindle.

13 December 2013

Bring 'Em Back has begun! Every Dragon since the beginning of the game is now available for a limited time! Happy Breeding!

12 December 2013

'Like' this post if you're excited about Bring Em Back and want to see it happen soon!

10 December 2013

Coming to help everyone celebrate the holiday season is the Mistletoe Dragon, available for a limited time!

10 December 2013

It's cold and snowy here in Boulder, Colorado where DragonVale is made. How's the weather where you are?

1 December 2013

Only two more days to get huge bonuses on all Gem purchases!

29 November 2013

Check back into your DragonVale park each day between now and Monday to see what new deals and surprises await!

27 November 2013

Today marks the beginning of a Thanksworthy weekend full of fun deals and surprises in DragonVale. 90% Bonus on all Treat purchases begins this afternoon and runs through the end of Thursday, November 28th! Happy Feeding to you and your dragons!

19 November 2013

Thank you to such a wonderful community of players for making the Light & Dark event such a success! Keep an eye out for more Light and Dark Dragon combinations in the coming weeks!

14 November 2013

Save 90% on the new Jet Dragon this weekend only! The newest addition to the gemstone family of dragons is available at a HUGE 90% discount through November 17th.

13 November 2013

Last Call for the Amber Dragons. Today is the last day they're available!

6 November 2013

The DragonVale community has spoken and cast their magic to bring the Light Dragons back to the world!

1 November 2013

NinJump Rooftops by Backflip Studios. Get it now in the App Store:… NinJump Rooftops by Backflip Studios NinJump Rooftops by Backflip Studios. Get it now in the App Store:…

1 November 2013

Last call for this trio of ghastly dragons! They're only available through November 3rd.

25 October 2013

Double Magic Weekend! Starting now and going through Sunday, earn double magic for actions in your park! Help bring the Light or Dark Dragons to DragonVale!

23 October 2013

NinJump Rooftops, the latest game from the makers of DragonVale, jumps into the App Store next week on October 31st. Click "like" if you like the trailer! NinJump Rooftops Trailer by Backflip Studios Jump into this addictive, action-packed sequel to the mega-hit NinJump™ game franchise, which has been enjoyed by tens of millions of fans around the world. ...

17 October 2013

One week into the community event, and Light Magic has the lead. Will Dark Magic be able to catch up?

14 October 2013

Shambling into parks shortly, the Zombie Dragon!

11 October 2013

It looks like Light Magic is the first to see community progress on the Tines of the Scar! Where are you casting your magic?

11 October 2013

Pop Quiz: How many total dragons have been hatched in DragonVale since the game launched two years ago? Type your best guess in the comments, then click the link below for the answer and other cool DragonVale stats. DragonVale Infographic

9 October 2013

Introducing DragonVale: Light & Dark. Get today's DragonVale app update and click "like" if you like what you see. DragonVale: Light & Dark

3 October 2013

What's that noise? It must be the Bone Dragon clattering back into DragonVale today! Click 'Like' if you don't have a Bone Dragon and are looking forward to getting one.

1 October 2013

Happy October and best of luck in your efforts to obtain the opulent Opal Dragon!

30 September 2013

September is almost over, buy or breed a Sapphire dragon today!

20 September 2013

Celebrating the magical balance between day and night, the Equinox Dragon returns today! They're only available until September 28th.

17 September 2013

Hiya DragonVale! For our iOS/Apple users, iOS 7 will be available to download sometime tomorrow (Sept. 18th). Whether or not you choose to update your iOS, your DragonVale park will NOT be affected! This is an update to your device's operating system only! The link below will take you to a support page with all the information you need to make this transition without incident (should you chose to update)! iOS 7 and You: A How-to Guide on Updating - PLEASE READ! Apple is releasing iOS 7 on Wednesday, September 18th. This will not be a mandatory update - it will be available for iPod 5th generation,...

12 September 2013

We're so excited to be celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of DragonVale! You have been such an amazing community of dedicated players. As a way to say Thank You, we're giving away some gems! If you open DragonVale, tap the Options or Social button, tap the 'Redeem Code' button and enter the code 2years you'll get a gift from the folks here at Backflip Studios and the Wizards of DragonVale.

12 September 2013

Magically soft and fluffy, the Cotton Dragon will arrive in parks later today! Click 'like' if you wish you could hug one!

27 August 2013

Let the bells ring out, a new epic treasure dragon has arrived; the Bronze Dragon!

22 August 2013

Thank you for your patience while we worked to squash some bugs and get a new update out. As a token of our appreciation, we'd like to give you a gift. 10 free gems! Make sure you've downloaded the new 1.17 update, tap either the Options or Social button, tap the 'Redeem Code' button and enter the code DV117 Thanks for being such a great community!

21 August 2013

Shining down celestial magic on your park today, it's the return of the epic and rare Blue Moon Dragon! Only available through August 24th.

15 August 2013

The new Amber Dragon has arrived! This beautiful gemstone dragon is 90% off through August 18th!

8 August 2013

Pining for a new dragon? Here's a sneak peek at the Forest Dragon arriving later today to spruce up your park!

1 August 2013

It's August! Which means the Peridot Dragon will be returning to DragonVale later today - click "Like" to welcome this Gemstone Dragon back!

29 July 2013

Don't let the Ruby Dragon slip away! The last day to get one is July 31st.

25 July 2013

Who would "like" to add some spice to their park with new, red hot, Pepper Dragon? Arriving today!

22 July 2013

The Liberty Dragon is going away after July 24th. Click "like" if you got one already!

18 July 2013

Presenting the Ouroboros Dragon, a new twist for the Apocalypse Habitat... arriving today!

16 July 2013

The fuse is lit and the Firework Dragon will blast away soon! The last day to get one is July 16th!

15 July 2013

Hey DragonVale! We've recently opened up our Customer Support Portal to the world and we'd love for you to check it out. Please use this site for up-to-date information on new fixes, updates and FAQ's. You can also submit support requests through the portal and check their status. Help us Help you!

11 July 2013

Don't be shocked at how much your visitors will "like" the Electrum Dragon! Arriving sometime today!

4 July 2013

What's in your DragonVale park?

3 July 2013

Sneak Peek! Lighting a beacon to guide people to your parks, the Liberty Dragon arrives today! Available for a limited time.

1 July 2013

Happy July! Welcome back to the impressive Ruby Dragons. Which is your favorite Gemstone Dragon?

28 June 2013

Today's pearl of wisdom is the last day Pearl Dragons are available is June 30th. Plus, with the new Upgraded Gemstone Island, you can easily have room for a string of them!

27 June 2013

The wizards just released DragonVale update 1.16.0 for iOS and Android. What's your favorite new feature? DragonVale - Get the new update! We've added lots of cool, new features to the game for iOS and Android players. Check it!

25 June 2013

A blast from the past! The Firework Dragon is coming back for a limited time... and these Fireworks are legal all around the world!

21 June 2013

The longest day of the year just got a whole lot cooler with the arrival of the Summer Dragon! Click "like" if Summer is your favorite season.

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