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Dragons of Atlantis

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Genre: Strategy
Last Update: July 21, 2014

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Dragons of Atlantis Cheats Rubies & Bonus - 2014

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What's New on Dragons of Atlantis

20 July 2014

Greetings Citizens! For a limited time, the Royal Mages have opened their Coffers and are handing out legendary rewards just for spending Rubies in the Shop! For every 50 Rubies you spend, you'll win 7,000 Petrified Titans! (No Limit) For every 100 Rubies you spend, you'll win 20 Eternal Runes! (No Limit) Spend 500 Rubies and win 2x Chrono's Bags and 2x Testronius Infusions! (Limit 1) Spend 1,000 Rubies and win 25,000 Dragon Riders AND 25,000 Arctic Leviathans! (Limit 1) Spend 2,000 Rubies and win 100,000 Shadow Stalkers! (Limit 1)

18 July 2014

Citizens of Atlantis! The Shamans have added all new AWESOME prizes to The Shaman's Prophecy Game! Come play Shaman's Prophecy and win a hoard loot! If you haven't played before, you can find The Shaman's Prophecy icon in the lower right corner of your game! See the example below. Click the Shaman in your game and start playing right now!

17 July 2014

Citizens! Dragons of Atlantis will be undergoing maintenance on Thursday, July 17th at 3pm PST and will be completely offline until the maintenance has finished. We expect the maintenance to take no longer than an hour. Go to this thread here to read further updates about this maintenance if needed.… Since every Player will be unable to access Dragons of Atlantis during this time, all Challenges and Events will continue running as scheduled. Also, any marches, building construction, troop training, etc, will not be effected. Thank you for your patience while Dragons of Atlantis is offline and we apologize for any inconvenience. -DoA- Team

20 April 2014

Wil Wheaton loves Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon! Go see the special in-game quest he designed exclusively for the future villains of Heirs of the Dragon! Check out this video with Wil Wheaton and then check out the game on your mobile device of choice!… Wil Wheaton Teams up with Dragons of Atlantis Mobile! DOWNLOAD NOW! - (Both Events Open to New & Existing Players!) Wil has been working with us and we're glad to see he steered you to this...

27 February 2014

Citizens of Atlantis, The time has risen to take up defense of Atlantis! A new Defensive Tower has been added to your Main City to bolster your City’s defense! This Defensive Tower works with your Wall to provide the support in defense of your City. It also functions much like a Troop when your City is attacked and increases the defense of your City. Use Tower Schematics and Masterwork Tower Schematics to upgrade your city to protect yourselves even more! These powerful Towers can lend huge defensive power to your Main City and can help defend you from even the largest Marches! Each upgrade to your Defensive Tower will make it more formidable in combat, giving your City greater protection from enemy assaults. FAQ What is the Defensive Tower? - The Defensive Tower is a new type of structure that can be built on a new plot in the player’s main City. Are there any requirements in order to get the Defensive Tower? - The Defensive Tower requires the player to have built a Level 11 Wall. Where Can I place the Defensive Tower? - There is a special new plot attached to the Wall in the Main City where players can place their Defensive Tower. How is the Defensive Tower used in combat? - When set to defend, the Tower fights as though it is a unit. The Tower is not revivable or soul-stealable. How is damage dealt to the Defensive Tower? - Damage dealt to a Tower is like damage dealt to a Dragon. Damage must be repaired over time, and persists between battles. Can my Defensive Tower be destroyed? - No, your Tower cannot be destroyed. However, if it drops below one-third of its total health, it will be incapacitated, and will not defend until it is repaired. How do I repair the Defensive Tower? - The Defensive Tower will automatically repair itself after taking damage. If your Tower is reduced to 0 Health, the full repair time will take 3 hours. In this case, the Tower will not be able to defend itself until it is fully healed. Can I win a battle with the Defensive Tower? - Yes you can, the Defensive Tower acts just like any other Troop during combat. What do you need to upgrade the Defensive tower? - To upgrade the Defensive Tower you will need such Items as the Tower Schematic or the Masterwork Tower Schematic. Can you upgrade the Defensive Tower while it is damaged? - Yes, upgrading works the same as it does with Dragons, upgrading and repairing are two different things. Repairing is automatic and will not interfere with upgrades. We'd love to hear some feedback on this awesome new feature.… New Defensive Towers FAQ - What You Need To Know Citizens of Atlantis, The time has risen to take up defense of Atlantis! A new Defensive Tower has been added to your Main City to bolster your City’s defense! This Defensive Tower works with your Wall to provide the support in defense of your City. It also functions much like a Troop when your City...

12 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day from Dragons of Atlantis! During this limited promotion, buy Flowers for your special someone and receive Rubies in your game! Simply click the Flower icon in your game to take part in the offer and earn Rubies!

11 November 2013

New Home Levels Unlocked! Citizens! Atlantis’s mystical architects have been hard at work unlocking better Homes for your Cities and Outposts! City Homes can now reach Level 17, while Outpost Homes can be upgraded to 17. Each level 17 City Home increases your population size and adds another +5,000 to your March Capacity! Each Level 16 Outpost Home increases your population size and adds +1,000 to your March Capacity! Homes can only be upgraded past Level 15 using a Better Homes Grant. This Item was previously Better Homes - Level 16, but we have expanded its uses! Start building now to expand your military might!

29 October 2013

Fire Dragon Battle Arts Unlocked! Your empires have already grown powerful thanks to our mages’ introduction of the Water Dragon Battle Arts. Through their tireless research, we have now discovered even more powerful Battle Arts that bolster the strength of your Fire Dragon. These Fire dragon Battle Arts are: Flame Throwers - Use the incendiary ability of the Fire Dragon to augment your Ranged Troops! Each level of Flame Throwers you earn gives a massive first turn Ranged attack bonus to your Ranged Troops. Upgraded fully, a Fire Dragon can add 13 million damage to the first attack by your Ranged Troops. Molten Rising - Molten Lava rises from the crust, enveloping one enemy troop. Increase the damage done by upgrading this Battle Art! Immolation - By pairing your Fire Dragon with its arcane familiar, the Inferno Fly, your attacks are imbued with the ability to completely annihilate opposing Troops. Each level of Immolation you unlock will increase your chances each round of completely wiping out one Troop type chosen at random from your enemy’s army. Check your messaging for future opportunities to unlock these hot abilities!

29 October 2013

Win the Omniscient Venomous Dragon! For a limited time, purchase Rubies and expand your empire! For every 155 Rubies you purchase, you will receive 1x Epic Troop Bin (each chest contains 1,000 valuable untrainable troops)! For every 225 Rubies you purchase, you will receive 2,000 Arctic Leviathans, our lethal deadly range troop! For every 400 Rubies you purchase, you will receive 3,000 Dimensional Ruiners, our most powerful melee troop! For every 1,000 Rubies you purchase, you will receive the Omnisicient Venomous Dragon Egg, our newest and most deadly Sanctuary Dragon. These offers won't last long, so purchase now and build up your deadly arsenal while you can! Prizes will be paid out within two days of Event's end.

27 October 2013

This Sunday gets dangerous with our first Venomous Power Challenge! We have many fearsome deals in the Shop right now on some of the strongest Items in Atlantis. Pick up some 1 Ruby Mystery Boxes and try your hand at winning 2 Testronius Infusions! Check your log-in messaging for more details. Hurry now because the Venom ends tonight at midnight!

21 October 2013

As server Merges approach Atlantis, we put together a FAQ to address the commonly asked questions and concerns about the merges. Head to our Forums to read up on the details and then discuss it either here or in the discussion thread!… Server Merger FAQ Got a Burning Question About the Server Merges? Maybe this FAQ can help. Q: What is the most important thing I need to know about the server merges? A: We will be notifying you in advance when your server is going to be merged and which servers will be affected. There will be multiple mergers during...

17 October 2013

Right now, Featured Items in the Shop are ON SALE for 50% off! Check the Featured Tab of your Shop now to see these amazing deals! Now is your chance to get your hands on some of the most-prized Items in Atlantis for the lowest prices ever! Remember, this deal will only last a short time, so make sure you head to the Shop now to take advantage of it!

16 October 2013

Server Mergers are coming to Dragons of Atlantis! The Dragons of Atlantis Team is happy to announce that we'll be bringing our more active players together by merging some of our less active servers. We'll be starting off with some smaller merges first to ensure that everything goes smoothly. We anticipate that most servers will be merged, but at this time we do not know which servers will be affected, or where they will be merged. We'll continue to keep you updated as we progress through this project. We hope this project will create a more enjoyable experience for all!… Server Mergers The Dragons of Atlantis Team is happy to announce that we'll be bringing our more active players together by merging some of our less active servers. We'll be starting off with some smaller merges first to ensure that everything goes smoothly. We anticipate that most servers will be merged, but at t...

8 October 2013

Conquer the Dark Towers to win amazing prizes! Use skill and strategy to come out on top! Each battle within the Dark Towers will provide you with a valuable prize, win or lose! Damage or defeat the Dark Towers for greater rewards! Work your way toward the Dark Capital, collecting prizes along the way, and defeat the Dark Capital and its dragon for a chance at the ultimate prize! You can access the Dark Tower by clicking Valaria's icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. These are just some of the prizes you may find within the Dark Towers: Thunder Golems Dimensional Ruiners Testronius Infusion Testronius Deluxe Tokens of Divnity Omniscient Dragons and much more! Defeat the Dark Capital and receive one of the following rare prizes! 10,000 Thunder Golems 20,000 Thunder Golems Omniscient Guardian Dragon with: Longbowman Ranged Attack V Lava Jaw Ranged Attack V Artillery V (+3% Range for all troops) Win the newest Sanctuary Dragon! This Omniscient Guardian Dragon is extremely rare and powerful. Boost your Range attacks like never before!

24 September 2013

Our friends at Destructoid are offering a giveaway of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 to celebrate the Water Dragon's emergence in DoA: Heirs of the Dragon. To enter, just leave a comment in the Destructoid article with the name you would give your pet Water Dragon if you had one. Limit one entry per person. Entries are open until Sunday, September 29 at 11:59 pm PDT. Open to anyone with a U.S. mailing address.… Contest: Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 from Dtoid and Kabam! - Destructoid Our friends at Kabam are celebrating the launch of the newest dragon in Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon, and to mark the occasion t...

24 September 2013

The latest larger feature that was released to the Citizens of Atlantis was the Water dragon Battle Arts a few weeks back. Now that you've had time to explore the feature fully, we're looking to get your feedback about what works with it (and what might not work as well). Please respond to this thread with your criticisms regarding this feature specifically. If you have experience with this feature, let us know how it's worked for you so far! We'll be reviewing all of the feedback we get and applying that to future feature releases, so please let us have it! Thanks everyone. Head to our official Forum thread to let us know what you have to say.

22 September 2013

Looking to upgrade your Steelshard Caverns past Level 10? Now is your chance to get your hands on the coveted Coldsteel Cores! Purchase 400 Rubies (or more) and receive 1 Coldsteel Core! Use these items to instantly and permanently upgrade the Buildings in your Steelshard Caverns past Level 10! This event ends September 22, 11:59pm PDT. Prizes will be distributed September 24.

19 September 2013

Explore the mysterious depths of the Steelshard Caverns! Cavern buildings (excluding the Depot) can now be upgraded past level 10. Through the use of the new Coldsteel Core Item, you can upgrade the buildings in your Steelshard Caverns even higher. Upgrade each of your buildings there to provide MASSIVE bonuses to your Steelshard Harriers! These Coldsteel Cores are extremely hard to come by. Make sure you check your messaging for opportunities to get your hands on the powerful Items.

12 September 2013

Click here for a behind the scenes look at how we made the Guardian Dragon! One of our artists will walk you through the steps of creating Dragons of Atlantis's newest member of the Dragon Sanctuary from pencil test all the way through final animation. DoA Art Preview 1 - Guardian Dragon Join us for a behind the scenes look at how we made the Guardian Dragon! One of our artists will walk you through the steps of creating Dragons of Atlantis's...

12 September 2013

A New Sanctuary Dragon has been discovered in Atlantis! The Guardian Dragon has been uncovered, and may now lend its strength to those lucky enough to find it. These extremely rare and spritely dragons have a special commune with nature and will often exhibit traits of Life and Defense. While a Guardian Dragon itself may not be mighty, the abilities and strength it can grant those who surround it can be great. Included with these dragons are three new abilities: Ice Troop Life Venge Wyrm Life Granite Ogre Life For now, you can only find the elusive Guardian Dragon in special Events; check your messaging for details! Look for these powerful Dragons in your game soon!

7 August 2013

Hi all, In the new GM team's effort to to bridge any gap between our players and Kabam, we have decided to put out the call for new Forum Moderators Although our existing Moderators have been doing an excellent job maintaining these Forums, we want to expand the team to allow more players to lend their aid to the game. Our existing Moderators actively oversee the Forums at all times, but our goal going forward is for them to also be in constant contact with Game Masters here at Kabam. The Moderators are our first line of defense when issues arise for our players. Our Moderators are there to gather information from players and bring that info straight to our GM team. Although the name might indicate otherwise, their responsibilities are not restricted to merely Forum moderation and the like though. Our Mods will help to put together Community Events, stifle incorrect rumors and speculation, write guides for and maintain the Wiki, and help to pass up-to-the-minute info about game issues onto our team.… Volunteer Moderator Positions now open! Discussion forum for Kabam Games: Kingdoms of Camelot, Imperium: Galactic War, and more!

19 July 2013

The Lava Jaws are arguably one of the most infamous Troops known in Atlantis. Their powerful attacks coupled with their advantageous range make them a formidable force indeed! Post your best battle report featuring Lava Jaws for the chance to win an assortment of prizes such as Tokens of Encouragement and Community Chests! To participate, click HERE:…

11 July 2013

Take a moment to congratulate the winners of the 2013 Fourth of July Forum Event! Their hard work earned them the following: Harvest Armor for the Great Dragon, a Custom Armor, Custom Scales and Community Chests! For more info about the event, click HERE:…-* Design an Independence Day Outfit for the Great Dragon Take a moment to congratulate the winners of the 2013 Fourth of July Forum Event! Their hard work earned them the following: Harvest Armor for the Great Dragon, a Custom Armor, Custom Scales and Community Chests! For more info about the event, click HERE:…-*

2 July 2013

Independence Day is fully underway! What better way to celebrate this occasion than by adorning the Great Dragon with festive decorations of the sort! Channel your creativity and decorate the Great Dragon in an impressive Independence Day design for the chance to win an assortment of prizes! For more info, click HERE:…

20 June 2013

Wraith Evader: A Forum Event Head on over to our forum thread to participate in the newly posted Wraith Evader forum event to win prizes! Prizes up for grabs: (1) Community Chest (1) 3 Ruby Mystery (1) Mystery Militia Chest (1) Mass Nullifier (1) Testronuis Powder…

19 June 2013

Atlantis! A new feature has been made available within your Dragon Sanctuary. Go to the Master Rookery to view the Sanctuary Codex. View and manage all available Dragon Boost abilities and find the boosts you've been hunting for! Discover rare boosts and learn more about each one. See the potential and enhance your Dragons to their max! Drop by our forums and let us know what you think!…!

18 June 2013

UPDATE: ISSUE RESOLVED ___ Hey All, Currently Players are encountering an issue with accessing the game. Our Team is aware of this issue, and working to resolve it as quickly as possible. Please check in our on forums for updates:…

14 June 2013

It’s that time of year again, where we get closer to the first day of summer and approach Father’s Day! Create your most imaginative and original Dragons of Atlantis Father’s Day 2013 card to be entered for the chance to win awesome prizes such as the Kaiser Egg, Testronius Deluxe and more! For more information, click HERE:…

10 June 2013

Skythrone Saga, the final story! Once upon a time in the land of Atlantis, there was a mysterious building perched high in the clouds called the Skythrone. Deep within its smoke-filled and hallowed marble halls a serpentine silhouette slumbered. The fierce but graceful creature flashed its emerald green eyes and a low rumble of a growl rumbled from its muscular chest. To read the full final story and congratulate the winners, head on over to our forum thread:…-*

7 June 2013

Friday, June 7th is National Doughnut Day! Create an original Dragon doughnut design and post it here for the chance to win an assortment of tasty (but inedible) treats! For more info, click HERE:…

31 May 2013

Atlantis is filled with talented and creative writers. Now is your chance to band together and write a collaborative story for the history books! With the recent release of the Level 11-15 Skythrone, new challenges and mysteries await. Create a story about the newly released levels of the Skythrone as a community, one line at a time! To participate, click HERE:…

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