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8 Ball Pool

Daily Users: 1,000,000
Weekly Users: 5,000,000
Monthly Users: 10,000,000
Genre: Sports
Last Update: July 28, 2014

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8 Ball Multiplayer Pool Cheats | Tips | Tricks 2014 Strategy and Guides

Cheats, Tricks & Tips for 8 Ball Pool

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8 Ball Pool by Miniclip is the world's biggest and best free Online Pool game available. Play against friends, show off your tables, cues and compete in tournaments against millions of live players. Try it free today!

What's New on 8 Ball Pool

27 July 2014

Undisputed trickshot master Kilkiju showing why he's the best! Do you guys think you can do better?

26 July 2014

400 Pool Cash won by today's winners! Big Rob definitely needs to get practicing!

26 July 2014

Cara main yang bagus! Bahasa Indonesia language now available on web :)

25 July 2014

30 minutes. Bring it. Watch & Chat: Questions:

24 July 2014

In case you missed it - we think our latest trickshot video is the best one ever. You guys = awesome.

23 July 2014

Our first weekly challenge is underway - where do YOU rank on the global leaderboard?

22 July 2014

Leaderboards and weekly competitions are now LIVE on mobile! Get the update now:

20 July 2014

Coming soon... find out all about it here: Or get practicing!

19 July 2014

Has Big Rob got worse or have you guys got better? Either way, lots of Pool Cash won this week!

18 July 2014

Big Rob is ready to give away some Pool Cash - who's in? We're live in 30 minutes on Twitch:

16 July 2014

BIG NEWS! Leaderboards and weekly competitions are coming to 8 Ball Pool :)

21 July 2014

The new trickshot masterclass is here - and it's the biggest one yet. Thanks to everyone who sent us a shot!

20 July 2014

Coming soon... find out all about it here: Or get practicing!

19 July 2014

Like Soccer Stars? Follow the fan page for all the latest info! Soccer Stars The official page of Soccer Stars - play your friends! iOS: | Android:

19 July 2014

Has Big Rob got worse or have you guys got better? Either way, lots of Pool Cash won this week!

18 July 2014

Big Rob is ready to give away some Pool Cash - who's in? We're live in 30 minutes on Twitch:

17 July 2014

Is Big Rob's trickshot good enough to be in the next Trickshot Masterclass? Beat the Boss is back tomorrow at 11AM ET.

16 July 2014

BIG NEWS! Leaderboards and weekly competitions are coming to 8 Ball Pool :)

15 July 2014

Whatashotta reliving Germany's awesome victory in the World Cup, 8 Ball Pool Style!

14 July 2014

It was another win for Big Rob last week. Better get practising, 8 Ballers!

13 July 2014

Dusko's showing us how it's done again

12 July 2014

Our new 8 Ball Pool blog has got EVERYTHING you need to know about the game, plus tips from the very best players:

11 July 2014

Time to give away some Pool Cash! Providing you can beat Big Rob, that is ;-) We're live in 30 minutes on Twitch:

10 July 2014

Who needs ball-in-hand when you've got skills like this.

9 July 2014

Something new coming soon to web and mobile...

8 July 2014

Ninja Cue: they'll never see you coming.

6 July 2014

That's how it's done.

5 July 2014

It's our first EVER Pool Cash deal! Get double cash on selected bundles this weekend.

4 July 2014

Happy Independence Day! Let's play some pool!

4 July 2014

A new team just joined Soccer Stars ;-)

3 July 2014

Amer and bosi100 sent us this pic to celebrate 11 million Likes :D

2 July 2014

Meet in the middle?

1 July 2014

Keep smiling :)

30 June 2014

Find out what's new in 8 Ball Pool, and check out the best fan-made content from this month:

28 June 2014

Here are the week's winner and losers of Beat the Boss. Looks like this week is a win for Big Rob!

29 June 2014

Even cats like playing 8 Ball Pool :) Got a pic of you playing Pool that you'd like to see on this page? Send it to!

28 June 2014

Here are the week's winner and losers of Beat the Boss. Looks like week is a win for Big Rob!

27 June 2014

Big Rob is waiting... who wants to win some Pool Cash? PLAY: WATCH & CHAT: FAQs:

26 June 2014

We've only got one word for this Ronnie-OSullivan trickshot: WOW.

26 June 2014

Now you see it... now you don't.

25 June 2014

Olá, 8 Ballers! We just added language options to 8 Ball Pool on web.

24 June 2014

What level are you in 8 Ball Pool? Have we got any 100+ players out there?

23 June 2014

Do YOU like to play No Guidelines?

21 June 2014

Fluke or trickshot - what do you think? ;-)

20 June 2014

What would you choose here - solids or stripes?

19 June 2014

The Soccer Stars team have played the game to predict the winner of England v Uruguay! Who do YOU think will win tonight? Soccer Stars: England v Uruguay

18 June 2014

Half-time in the World Cup = plenty of time to play 8 Ball Pool.

16 June 2014

The new Trickshot Masterclass is here! Featuring shots from Farha, Kaleem, knightshade9910, Aleksandros, Dusko and Subject 16 :D 8 Ball Pool Trickshot Masterclass

15 June 2014

Play 8 Ball Pool on Android? Get 50% more free coins this weekend with Tapjoy!

14 June 2014

Don't miss our new game Soccer Stars - try it free now!

13 June 2014

Beat The Boss starts in 15 minutes! And we've given Big Rob a special Level 150 account to make it easier for you to find him ;-) PLAY: WATCH & CHAT: FAQs:

12 June 2014

If you like 8 Ball Pool, you'll love our new multiplayer game Soccer Stars - play it free now!

11 June 2014

Beat the Boss, win 50 Pool Cash. Sweet deal, right? Big Rob is back on Friday, 11:00 EDT.

10 June 2014

DENIAL: 1% luck, 99% pure 8 Ball skill.

8 June 2014

Called it.

7 June 2014

Congratulations to all of the winners of this week's Beat the Boss. Lots of rich players this week!

6 June 2014

Beat The Boss starts in 15 minutes - come hang out and chat on our Twitch channel!

4 June 2014

The thing with 8 Ball Pool is... even the Level 1 players have got super-skills.

3 June 2014

If there was a World Cup of 8 Ball Pool... which country would win?

2 June 2014

We get asked how to make a good trickshot video, so we put together this guide - featuring a sweet how-to video by trickshot superstar, Kilkiju:

1 June 2014

How did he do that?! Hit SHARE to show Aleksandros' sweet shot to your friends!

31 May 2014

Congratulations to this week's Beat the Boss winners. 50 Pool Cash is making its way to you now!

30 May 2014

10 MINUTE WARNING! Big Rob is ready - are you? Watch and chat on Twitch: Got a question?:

29 May 2014

Want to win 50 Pool Cash? Don't miss tomorrow's Beat The Boss.

28 May 2014

Are you a lightning player?

27 May 2014

The new 8 Ball Pool Community Update is out! Featuring videos and messages from YOU, the players:

26 May 2014

Trickshot fail. Trickshot fail.

25 May 2014

We're having a double coin weekend in 8 Ball Pool :)

24 May 2014

Congratulations to this week's Boss Beaters - you're all now 50 POOL CASH richer ;-) Relive the action here:

23 May 2014

Beat the Boss and win 50 Pool Cash! Watch and chat on Twitch: Got a question?:

22 May 2014

Bad position on the 8 Ball? No problem for aliyanshaikh. Think you could make this shot? Bad position? No problem.

21 May 2014

Want to win some Pool Cash? All you have to do is Beat The Boss this Friday...

20 May 2014

On the bus, at school, at work... where do YOU play 8 Ball Pool?

19 May 2014

Think you could pot the yellow from here? Thanks to Sami for the cool pic!

17 May 2014

Check out the new Trickshot Masterclass! Amazing skills! 8 Ball Pool Trickshot Masterclass #5

16 May 2014

Not the best week for Big Rob, there are a lot of great players out there! Catch up with today's broadcast here

15 May 2014

Our next Beat the Boss event is tomorrow at 11:00 EDT. Don't forget, you can watch along and chat with other players on our Twitch stream:

13 May 2014

If you could play 8 Ball Pool against anyone in the world, who would it be?

12 May 2014

Addicted to 8 Ball Pool. Check out some of our other favorite tweets:

11 May 2014

We've got some crazy trickshots coming in the next masterclass vid. Here's a taster from Duško.

10 May 2014

Which cue are you going to win with this weekend?

9 May 2014

Hey 8 Ballers - this weekend is your last chance to add this cue to your collection.

8 May 2014

If you could add 1 phrase to the Chat Packs, what would it be?

7 May 2014

Sometimes, you just get lucky. Getting lucky in 8 Ball Pool.

5 May 2014

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

4 May 2014

Never play 8 Ball Pool with a Jedi: they'll use a mind trick to make you miss.

4 May 2014

Why you should never say "Oops" unless you're SURE your opponent has messed up. "Oops."

2 May 2014

Watch Miniclip CEO Big Rob take on the world right now, on our Twitch channel: Big Rob with an epic finish

1 May 2014

Check out the new Cinco de Mayo cue, available now!

30 April 2014

Our next Beat The Boss event is on Friday - who's ready?

29 April 2014

Calling all trickshot superstars! Have YOU got a video to show us? Send it in to and you could be in our next masterclass.

27 April 2014

ICYMI: It's a double coins weekend in 8 Ball Pool.

27 April 2014

Knightshade9910 has been at it again: boom.

25 April 2014

Why isn't there unrestricted chat in 8 Ball Pool? Read our response here:

24 April 2014

Admit it: you celebrate when your opponent pots the black by mistake, right?

23 April 2014

The Easter Cue won't be available for much longer - don't miss out.

21 April 2014

Do you prefer playing with guidelines ON or OFF?

18 April 2014

Blink and you'll miss this high-powered trickshot from vasd57217.

18 April 2014

The Easter cue is out now! It's only on offer for a limited time, so get it quick!

17 April 2014

Have you risked everything to win the shiny All In award?

16 April 2014

Nice mooves.

14 April 2014

Don't forget: you can improve your no-guideline skills in Practice Mode on mobile - just turn them off in the Settings menu.

13 April 2014

Which of the new chat phrases is your favorite?

12 April 2014

Chat Pack Pro-Tip: re-order your chat phrases in Settings so that your favorites are at the top of your list.

11 April 2014

Thirty minutes until Beat The Boss gets underway (11:00 EDT) - here's Big Rob's finest moment from last time. PLAY: WATCH AND CHAT: Big Rob sinking the 8 Ball like a boss.

10 April 2014

If your opponents are distracting you with all the great new chat phrases, you can now ignore them in the settings.

8 April 2014

Here's a sneak peek of some new chat phrases coming in the next update to 8 Ball Pool :D

6 April 2014

Get double coins on top coin packs this weekend in 8 Ball Pool :)

5 April 2014

Not even the trickiest of trickshots could get out of this. Ouch.

3 April 2014

Want to improve your NO GUIDELINE skills on mobile? We're bringing a no guideline setting to Practice Mode :-D

2 April 2014

Watch this perfect use of spin and power by Andrzej - world class shot!

1 April 2014

The Insane cue was made for April Fools. Well, fools of any kind. Don't get mad!

30 March 2014

See what happened when Big Rob took on YOU, the players, last Friday :)

29 March 2014

It's here, the new edition of our Trickshot Masterclass! A selection of the very best trickshots from our players. 8 Ball Pool Trickshot Masterclass #4

28 March 2014

Let's play 8 Ball Pool! Watch and chat on Twitch: FAQs:

27 March 2014

Did you catch the latest news update from the 8 Ball team? Find out about Scratch & Win, Beat The Boss and more!

26 March 2014

Last time out Big Rob won 7-4. This Friday, you can get your revenge.

25 March 2014

Watch this. It might be the best shot you ever see.

24 March 2014

Get the latest news fresh from the 8 Ball Pool Team: it's the March Community Update. 8 Ball Community Update, March 2014 In this month's update we talk Scratch & Win, Sport Relief, Twitch and more.

22 March 2014

Thanks to everyone who’s donated to Sport Relief by purchasing the special Pool Coins bundle! A minimum of £2.10 from every sale goes straight to the charity.

21 March 2014

Okay, time to show off - who's been brave enough to go ALL IN?

20 March 2014

A musically-themed bit of 8 Ball art from Do and Henna? Sounds good.

19 March 2014

We’re delighted to partner with Sport Relief this year! For every special coin bundle sold in the game, a minimum of £2.10 goes straight to charity.

18 March 2014

Just a normal shot off the rail... or is it? Watch carefully :D

17 March 2014

Happy St Patrick's Day to all our players! LIKE the look of this new cue?

16 March 2014

Here's what happened when Big Rob took on our users on Friday. You can relive the action on Twitch:

15 March 2014

It's a double coins weekend - get 2x on selected coin packs now!

14 March 2014

Game on in 30 minutes. Follow the action live on Twitch:

13 March 2014

We've added a new award for those who win a Beat the Boss match. Want it? Our next event is FRIDAY 14th March at 12:00 EST. What is Beat The Boss?: Follow us on Twitch:

12 March 2014

Why take an easy shot when you can look this awesome? Thanks to Knightshade9910 for the video.

11 March 2014

Today is the last chance to add the Limited Edition Mardi Gras cue to your collection - don't miss it!

10 March 2014

Hey - are you ready to go ALL IN? We just activated it on mobile! Get the update for 8 Ball now: iOS | Android:

8 March 2014

Killing_Floor sent us this shot on the black - and it's so epic we had to share it with you. Got a shot to show us? Email it to!

7 March 2014

10 MILLION LIKES! You're officially the biggest and best Pool community in the world :D (y)

6 March 2014

Tokyo Warrior Hall is back, and with a bigger prize than ever! Let's play!

5 March 2014

We've got a limited edition Mardi Gras cue coming your way this weekend - here's an exclusive look :)

3 March 2014

Did You Know: the SKULL CUE is the most popular cue in the game, and is owned by almost 5 million players?

2 March 2014

Okay, that's ONE way to pot the red... :-O

1 March 2014

Here's the scoreboard from yesterday's Beat the Boss event - Big Rob triumphed, 9 games to 6! You can watch the full recording of yesterday's event on Twitch:

28 February 2014

Beat The Boss is now live - log in to to play. WATCH on Twitch: FAQs:

27 February 2014

Big Rob is back this week... and we'll be livestreaming on Twitch:

26 February 2014


24 February 2014

When you win a game, do you give your opponent a chance to win their coins back? Or are you like, "Sorry gotta run" :D

23 February 2014

Here's just one of the new features coming with the next update to 8 Ball on mobile... find out more now:

22 February 2014

We've got a special Weekend Deal running right now - double value on selected Coin Packs. Don't miss out.

21 February 2014

Kunal908 has sent us his latest trickshot - you HAVE to see it!

20 February 2014

Find out all about a new mode coming soon to 8 Ball Pool on mobile, in our latest blog post:

18 February 2014

Every player has their own favorite cue - what's yours?

15 February 2014

You've sent in some amazing trickshots recently - here are some of our favorites. The Best 8 Ball Trickshots

15 February 2014

Here's our scoreboard from Friday's Beat The Boss event - congratulations to our boss beaters! Who's going to have their name on the board next week?

14 February 2014

This is your one-hour warning! Beat The Boss gets underway in 60 minutes. Big Rob will be sporting this lovely new Valentine's cue for the occasion ♥

13 February 2014

Beat The Boss returns tomorrow at 11:00 EST! Oh, and Big Rob's had a name change from RobertMiniclip, and we've updated the FAQs:

12 February 2014

We ♥ this new cue.

10 February 2014

The new 8 Ball Trickshot Masterclass is out - here's one of our favorites! Watch the full video now: Finishing with Style

8 February 2014

This weekend is your last chance to add the Chinese New Year cue to your stash - don't miss out.

7 February 2014

Beat The Boss gets underway in 30 minutes (11:00 EST). Here's one of his best shots from last time, plus all the details here:

6 February 2014

Our next Beat The Boss event takes place TOMORROW at 11:00 EST. Who will be this week's Boss Beaters?

5 February 2014

Wait... what just happened? *watches again*

4 February 2014

Beat The Boss is BACK this Friday at 11:00am EST. Get the details here:

3 February 2014

It might take some New Year luck to win from here...

2 February 2014

If you were thinking about topping up your Pool Coins stash, now's the time to do it. This deal runs for this weekend only!

1 February 2014

As well as a new cue, we've got a double-value top-up weekend running at the moment :)

31 January 2014

We've got a brand-new, LIMITED EDITION cue for the Chinese New Year. Don't miss out!

29 January 2014

We've put together a few highlights of last week's Beat The Boss event. Check out some of those skills... and one very epic fail. Big Rob in action during last week's Beat The Boss event

28 January 2014

This game could end up taking a long time.

27 January 2014

This was Big Rob in action during our Beat The Boss event last week. Congratulations to our Boss Beating players: MRCOKECOLA, Kitty2290538, Moustache1243, Geometric and Mutmania :D

26 January 2014

This was one of the shots played by Big Rob during Friday's Beat The Boss event. World Class Shot!

24 January 2014

Beat The Boss gets underway in 30 minutes - Miniclip chief Big Rob is ready for action. FAQs: 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer - A free Sports Game Play 8 Ball Pool against other players online!

23 January 2014

Our next Beat The Boss event is tomorrow. Get ready by reading the details here:

22 January 2014

We released a new version of 8 Ball on mobile yesterday - who's played the "no guideline" mode in the top tiers? What did you think?

21 January 2014

Want to find out what's new in 8 Ball on web and mobile? Find out about "no guideline" mode and much more here: 8 Ball Community Update, January 2014 Happy New Year, 8 Ballers! We're super-excited about some of the new stuff coming to Pool in 2014. Here’s what we've been up to since our Christmas update.

20 January 2014

No guideline? No problem. A new mode for elite 8 Ballers, coming soon on mobile.

18 January 2014

You won't believe how this 8 Baller pots the black with this shot. In-sane.

17 January 2014

Thanks to all who took part in our Beat The Boss event yesterday. Congratulations to boss-beaters Edvinas, Loayh9, Bo, Humayun, Denizarikan12 and Chaddy111222! Big Rob will return for another event very soon...

16 January 2014

It's on! Open 8 Ball on Facebook or Miniclip and search "RobertMiniclip" to take on the Boss! He'll get through as many challengers as he can in 30 minutes, check the comments for updates on the games :)

15 January 2014

The first global Beat The Boss event takes place tomorrow - Big Rob will be taking on as many challengers as he can. Are you ready?

14 January 2014

8 Ball Legend: to get this award, you need to win 10,000 games! How many wins have YOU got?

12 January 2014

You've got the ball in hand and an easy shot. Do you: a) Take the easy shot b) Take a ludicrously difficult shot off 7 cushions, pot the red and feel like a boss? Crazy trickshot by Amruth

10 January 2014

DID YOU KNOW: Over 10,000 Lucky Cues are won every day in Spin & Win. Have you got lucky yet?

9 January 2014

We've been running some tests, and it turns out that 8 Ball Pool is more addictive than chocolate chip cookies.

7 January 2014

What's your win%? Over 65% = "You're good!"

5 January 2014

Coming soon to 8 Ball Pool... a chance to take on Miniclip at our own game! Miniclip boss Big Rob is practicing for the challenge.

4 January 2014

1. Watch video 2. Yes, that really happened. Simply incredible from Kilkiju!

3 January 2014

So, who'd like regular events where you can play 8 Ball against Miniclip staff? :D

1 January 2014

Happy New Year to all our players! We've got some awesome new stuff coming for you in 2014 - look out for more details soon :D -- The 8 Ball Pool Team

31 December 2013

Shout out to hot5treak and mdanii483 - their crazy-eyed elf pic got the most votes as the best bit of 8 Ball Artwork in 2013! Awesome.

30 December 2013

There's only one cue to use this holiday season. Have you got yours yet?

28 December 2013

Can you spot the 5 differences between these two screenshots?

27 December 2013

Three stripes down - in what order would you pot the remaining four?

26 December 2013

The new limited edition Christmas cue is now in stock in the Pool Shop - check it out!

25 December 2013

The 8 Ball Pool Team and all at Miniclip would like to wish all our players a very happy holidays! :)

24 December 2013

We've got a special offer running in 8 Ball right now - happy holidays!

22 December 2013

Take a look behind the scenes and see what we're adding next in 8 Ball Pool:

20 December 2013

We think these are the top 8 pics of 8 Ball Pool artwork from 2013. But which one is the best? LIKE your favourite and we'll see who wins! The Best 8 Ball Pool Art from 2013 We think these are the top 8 pics of 8 Ball Pool artwork from 2013. But which one is the best? LIKE your favourite and we'll see who wins!

19 December 2013

Woah. This shot takes trickery to the next level. Amazing effort from Kilkiju.

18 December 2013

Want to know what's next in 8 Ball? Find out now with the December community update:

17 December 2013

If you could add ONE chat phrase to say to your opponent in 8 Ball, what would it be? (Be polite! :D)

16 December 2013

In case you missed it: our latest trickshot collection is super-awesome. Thanks to everyone who sent in a shot; look out for Part 3 soon :D

14 December 2013

We've updated 8 Ball on web and Facebook - including improved security and a fix to a bug affecting challenging friends. Game on!

13 December 2013

Hey, that's not how you set up a table!

12 December 2013

Stripes look like the obvious choice here! Hit LIKE if you think you could win without missing a single shot.

11 December 2013

It's here: part 2 of our Trickshot Masterclass! Which shot is the best?

10 December 2013

The Snake Skin Cue: for sssssimply sssssuper ssssshotsssss.

9 December 2013

When we said 'build us an 8 Ball table', this wasn't what we had in mind.

7 December 2013

Back in the game :D Thanks for your patience yesterday, 8 Ballers! Game on!

6 December 2013

Hey 8 Ballers - we're having a few technical problems at the moment due to planned site maintenance. We'll be back online soon!

5 December 2013

Good luck trying to pot THIS 8 Ball...

4 December 2013

Can you spot the 5 differences?

3 December 2013

"Just pot it into the top-right corner. Wait... what?"

2 December 2013

We've extended our Black Friday offer into Cyber Monday :D Last chance to get double-value coins in the shop!

30 November 2013

Play time.

29 November 2013

Oh, it's Black Friday? We've doubled the coins on selected top-ups in 8 Ball on web and Facebook :D

28 November 2013

Remember, NFL isn't the only ball sport worth watching today... ;) Happy Thanksgiving to all our players in the US!

28 November 2013

You're stripes, what shot do you play next?

27 November 2013

AmEr will leave you dizzy with the amount of spin on this shot:

26 November 2013

These are some of our favourite cues at the moment! But if we were to make 1 new cue, what should it be?

25 November 2013

Guess which game was just voted Miniclip's Best of 2013... :D

24 November 2013

Hey! If you think 8 Ball Pool should be Miniclip's Game of the Year, now's your chance to vote! Miniclip Best of 2013 - Final Five! Is 8 Ball Pool your number 1? Hit LIKE to vote! It's time for the Final - which is your Game of the Year? Just LIKE your favourite game to cast your vote!

23 November 2013

Have you seen our trickshot video yet? Because it's AWESOME. The Best 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool Trickshots A collection of the craziest trickshots by Miniclip's 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool players. Play 8 Ball now on web, Facebook or mobile at www.poolbyminiclip. Got ...

22 November 2013

We just passed an awesome milestone. Thank you, 8 Ballers of the world :D

20 November 2013

Oops! How can we get out of this without fouling? Hurry, the timer's ticking!

19 November 2013

Five cues, five phrases - can you match them up?

18 November 2013

You've sent us so many awesome videos for the next Trickshot Collection that we had to share one of them now! Check this 6-in-1 shot from Kunal908:

17 November 2013

Did you read our Community Update yet? It's got everything you need to know about 8 Ball Pool:

15 November 2013

Hey! 8 Ball has been named as one of Miniclip's Best Games of 2013 :D Check out the video:

14 November 2013

Want to know the details of the new version of 8 Ball? Check out the November Community Update:

13 November 2013

Awesome artwork from AmEr!

12 November 2013

Can you name these cues? :)

11 November 2013

Are you a Skilled player, a Virtuoso, a Pro, an Expert... or even higher?

10 November 2013

You won't believe the trickshots in this video. Check it out!

8 November 2013

POOL_DOG91 has ball in paw.

7 November 2013

We've made a video of the craziest 8 Ball trickshots! Which one's your favourite? The Best 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool Trickshots A collection of the craziest trickshots by Miniclip's 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool players. Play 8 Ball now on web, Facebook or mobile at www.poolbyminiclip. Got ...

6 November 2013

E is for Eight Ball Multiplayer Pool!

5 November 2013

We've recently updated 8 Ball on mobile! Hit LIKE if you've already got the update :D

4 November 2013

World Class Shot! Is there a better cue than Matte Black?

3 November 2013

Hey! Keep your feet off my Pool table!

2 November 2013

We reckon this dog could beat the very best. Watch:

31 October 2013

Happy Halloween from the 8 Ball Pool Team! :D

30 October 2013

How do you break? Do you just smash it, or do you aim for a specific ball?

29 October 2013

Don't nudge the table, the black might drop! You're solids, what shot do you play next?

28 October 2013

What Boost do you use the most? Are you a Power Player, a Super Spinner or a Long Liner?

27 October 2013

The orange and the black are getting pretty cozy! How would you pot the orange?

26 October 2013

Check out this great pool table design by Enver!

25 October 2013

Trickshot Of The Week comes from nikkukaushik. Awesome!

23 October 2013

The update to 8 Ball on web and Facebook is now out! Get all the details here, including calling pockets and earning Pool Cash on level-up... 8 Ball Pool - What You Need To Know The update to 8 Ball on web and Facebook is here! You now earn Pool Cash when you level up, and we've introduced some other cool new features and fixed some other issues. An update to mobile is due soon too!

22 October 2013

"Wait - you're Level 120?!"

21 October 2013

No wonder this bird is angry… he just got DENIED.

20 October 2013

Check out this cool pool table design from Albinb10!

18 October 2013

Play pool like an Egyptian.

17 October 2013

Someone sent in this cool football-formation table. What country are you supporting in the 2014 World Cup?

16 October 2013

Best. Trickshot. Ever?

15 October 2013

You're solids. What shot would you play next?

14 October 2013

"Sorry gotta run!"

13 October 2013

Are you feeling dizzy yet?

11 October 2013

What do you say when your opponent pots the white - "Unlucky" or "Hehe"? :D

10 October 2013

"Nice table!"

9 October 2013

Purr-fect shot.

8 October 2013

Mmm, achievements. How many of these have you got?

7 October 2013

Want to know how we're making Pool even better? Check out the brand new Community Update blog post :D 8 Ball Pool Community Update #6 Hi and welcome to your monthly update from the 8 Ball Pool team! We've got a huge amount of news for you, plus a ton of player-created 8 Ball artwork that we've received this month from the communi...

6 October 2013

Stop what you're doing and watch this trickshot. It will blow you mind.

5 October 2013

Two stripes potted, but the solids are in a good position. What do you choose, stripes or solids?

4 October 2013

We've made 8 Ball FREE on iPhone and iPad! Hit SHARE to tell your friends!

3 October 2013

We've made 8 Ball FREE on iPhone and iPad! Hit SHARE to tell your friends!

3 October 2013

We've made 8 Ball FREE on iPhone and iPad! Hit SHARE to tell your friends!

3 October 2013

We've made 8 Ball FREE on iPhone and iPad! Hit SHARE to tell your friends!

3 October 2013

We've just made 8 Ball free on iPhone and iPad :D Get it here now:

2 October 2013

♫ What music do you listen to while you're playing Pool? ♫

1 October 2013

The only way is up.

30 September 2013

What's the highest number of balls you've potted off the break?

28 September 2013

Do you think you could make this shot? :)

27 September 2013

P is for Pool.

26 September 2013

A banana-shaped Pool table?!

25 September 2013

A sticky situation on the Candy table.

24 September 2013

Uhoh. What do you do now?

23 September 2013

Amazing image from hot5treak and mdanii483! But the elf's face looks a little scary...

22 September 2013

What a feeling :D

20 September 2013

How did they all end up down there?

19 September 2013

WOAH. Check out this amazing motion-sensing table!

18 September 2013

Be honest. Is there a better-looking cue than the Matte Black?

17 September 2013

You're solids - which ball do you start with: A, B or C?

17 September 2013

Last chance to take advantage of our special launch price on the India cue!

16 September 2013

LIKE this awesome Digitized table image from Mohammads529?

15 September 2013

"Oh, sorry, am I in your way?"

15 September 2013

Have you got the India cue yet? Only a few days left at the special price of 3,500 Pool Coins! Come on India!

13 September 2013

Potted the cue ball?! Is you seriouz?

12 September 2013

A pool table made of ice. Pretty cool :D

11 September 2013

Trying to pot the purple... what happens next? Click to find out!

10 September 2013

You're stripes and you've got the ball in hand. Where do you place it: A, B or C?

9 September 2013

8 MILLION Facebook fans! Thanks for being part of the biggest and best Pool community out there!

8 September 2013

Hit LIKE if you think you could win from here.

7 September 2013

Pure Genius.

5 September 2013

The new Czar table: it rules. Thanks to Tomislavs78 for the sweet pic!

4 September 2013

A glass pool table? Smashing.

3 September 2013

The pressure is on! Which ball do you go for first: A, B or C?

2 September 2013

Hit and hope?

1 September 2013

I think this table might have one leg longer than the others.

30 August 2013

A work of art from Ahsan - we love it!

29 August 2013

You can now Call Pockets on iOS and Android! Get the update at :D

28 August 2013

LIKE the look of our new Platinum Viper Table?

27 August 2013

Hey, Stripes, think you could clear up from here?

26 August 2013

Pool on the move.

25 August 2013

Skill be with you! What cue are you using at the moment?

23 August 2013

Awesome bit of 8 Ball art - all pockets covered!

22 August 2013

"Where did that ball go?"

22 August 2013

GOOD LUCK to all those 8 Ballers picking up their GCSE results today!

21 August 2013

Check out the new Pool Community update for info on new cues, tables, and discounts!

20 August 2013

Only the 8 ball left... but what do you do now?

19 August 2013

Good luck...

18 August 2013

POOL_CAT_93 never scratches. Except when he has fleas.

16 August 2013

Happy Independence Day to our Indonesian players!

16 August 2013

You're stripes and you have the ball in hand. Where do you put it - A, B or C?

14 August 2013

That awesome moment, just before victory.

13 August 2013

Do you think you could pot the orange from here?

12 August 2013

Well, that's one way to Call Pocket.

10 August 2013

"Hmm, which cue should I buy next...?"

8 August 2013

Who would you rather be in this situation, solids or stripes?

7 August 2013

Check this amazing clearance from one of our players!

6 August 2013

Best way to stay cool? Pool in a pool.

5 August 2013

Whether you're a Pool pro or an 8 Ball Beginner, our tips and tricks video will boost your skills!

4 August 2013

You're solids - what do you do next?

3 August 2013

We love this pic that Joetakla sent in - awesome!

1 August 2013

Which pocket would you call?

31 July 2013

HAMSTER_96 just sunk the 8 Ball to take the win!

30 July 2013

Time to break. What ball do YOU aim for?

29 July 2013

Which tier are you playing today?

28 July 2013

Got Miniclip Credits you want to convert to Pool Coins? You'll need to do so soon; details are here:

27 July 2013

There are five differences here. Can you find them all?

25 July 2013

"Oh, you're Level 150?"

24 July 2013

Get all the latest info on what we're working on in our latest 8 Ball Pool Community Update:

23 July 2013

Today's table: Royal Baby Blue.

22 July 2013

20,000 Pool Coins. What would you spend these on?

21 July 2013

We may have got a little over-excited for National Ice Cream day... hit like if you'll be enjoying an ice cream today :)

20 July 2013

What would you choose from here, solids or stripes?

18 July 2013

Want to know how to beat the best players? Check out our new tips and tricks video:

17 July 2013

KITTEN_94 makes it into the Jakarta Tournament final!

16 July 2013

The pressure is on... what can possibly go wrong?

15 July 2013

LIKE? We LOVE this picture Franziskar3 sent us to celebrate Pool passing 7 million fans. Thanks for being part of our awesome community!

14 July 2013

Pool o'clock :D

13 July 2013

Tried out tournaments in 8 Ball Pool for iOS and Android yet? Head here to download the app:

11 July 2013

The final of the Las Vegas tournament. 60,000 Pool Coins at stake. Only the black left. What would you do here?

10 July 2013

Tournaments for 8 Ball Pool on Android and iOS are OUT NOW! Hit LIKE if you're going to update and play right now :D

8 July 2013

Prepare to play tournaments in the sunshine. The update's nearly here.

7 July 2013


6 July 2013

Need to stock up on Pool Coins? Get double value for this weekend only!

4 July 2013

After some tips & tricks to improve your game? Get ahead of the competition and check out this blog post:

3 July 2013

You can now reward your friends for playing Pool! If you share an achievement via Facebook and a friend clicks on it to start playing Pool, they'll get 100 free Pool Coins! Go on, share the Pool love :)

2 July 2013

Oh! Is this something coming soon for mobile?

1 July 2013

Follow @poolbyminiclip yet? We've got a Millionaire Cue to give away on Twitter, so get following!

30 June 2013

120 games, 56-64: an epic match! What's the longest series you've ever played?

28 June 2013

This is technically a foul, but we'll let it slide. See for yourself:

27 June 2013

Thanks for all your feedback on the Spin & Win feature! We've now added even more prizes for you to win... good luck! :)

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